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    1000pts Slan / Nurgle 5th edition

    I'm trying to make a strong list but not really a tournament list. So far I've changed it again to this.

    DP w/ MoS + wings + Lash
    155 pts

    Dread w/ extra DCCW + Heavy flamer
    105 pts

    4x termis, 3x combi plas, 1x heavy flamer + power fist
    150 pts

    8x marines, IoCG, 1x melta, combi melta + Rhino
    185 pts

    8x plague marines, 2x plasma, PC w/ Fist
    254 pts

    Vindicator w/ daemonic possession
    145 pts


    The idea behind it is that 2/3 of the standard missions in 5th so I understand are objective based. So depending on where the objectives are and who I'm vs one of the two troop choices will foot slog / run to cover on the closest objective. While the other uses the rhino with the demon prince to go after the further away one. And lash / blast away whoever is on it. With either the vindicator supporting the foot sloggers or the dreadnought depending on the enemy's army. And the termi's deepstriking next to the DP and rhino trying to take the further objective.

    Since the rhino can taxi both units likewise if the enemy army is fully troops and no tanks the plague marines take the rhino forward instead. Both dread and termi's can deepstrike in. I also dropped the AC with powerfist from the melta squad. Since at that point I would rather get a CC Dreadnought with the extra points and even now I still have 6/6 squads able to deal with enemy armour and 2/6 able to deal it at range.

    Also I took a DP instead of a sorcerer since one of the issues I can see is fast vehicles being a pain and a flying monstrous creature should help out trying to catch them. Also I'm thinking of giving the DP a teleporter homer if I can with the 6 pts left over since 2 of the potential 6 units can deepstrike and both are expensive if lost. Or I could upgrade the termi's powerfist to a chainfist

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