2000 pt Tourney Practice Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pt Tourney Practice Chaos

    Hi guys, this is my third post, CHEERS!

    I just wanted to get your opinions on what a good chaos list in 5e
    would look like, so after some thought I put together this list.


    Sorceror - lash, wings, melta bombs

    Deamon Prince - lash, wings


    Raptors - 7 strong w/ 2 meltas, Champ w/ fist, IoCG


    Marines - 9 strong w/ 2 plasmas, Champ w/ fist, IoCG, Rhino

    Marines - Same as above

    Marines - 9 strong w/ Rokkit Launcha, Champ w/ fist, IoCG

    Marines - Same as above w/o IoCG


    Defiler - Standard

    Defiler - Standard

    Obliterator - 3 strong

    Comes out to 2000 pts even. The Rokkit marines are for objectives.
    Everything else is self explanitory I hope. I'm not sure if there
    should be more rhinos, or marines in this list, or tanks instead of
    other heavy options, or the inclusion of Termies, or even some plague
    marines or berserkers. Let me know. Thanks.

    Also anyone with an end all beat all list should post it, it would be
    much appreciated.

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    790 (x8)

    It's a good tight list.

    40 marines is a nice amount.

    I like the twin defilers too, that's incredibly menacing.

    Not really much criticism for this list. There's stuff you can do which is different, but that's not necessarily better.

    I've personally always enjoyed a small terminator squad for surgical beatings... but, as I said, they're not vital or anything.

    Give it a few test drives and see how it fairs. You seem to have a fair amount of anti tank (the three las cannons is very nice) and crown control shouldn't be too bad with that many templates, blasts and lashes around.

    Good luck
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