Hey there, ==Me== here. Well I've been building up ==My== Daemonic legion, albeit slowly (I should just stick with 1 army, but no!). 1000 points seems like a good benchmark to work towards, enough to play some games with a good amount of units and not a lot to paint.

Some of you may remember that I have a limited selection of models, well I've picked up some more and here's what I have to use. Bear in mind this has to work for Fantasy too.

20 Bloodletters
10 Daemonettes
12 Dryads (to be converted into a Herald of Tzeentch and Horrors)
5 Hounds (if only they were plastic...)
3 Flamers
1 Soul Grinder

So, here's what I've come up with.

Herald of Tzeentch-Bolt of Tzeentch, We Are Legion, Master of Sorcery


Horrors-9, Bolt of Tzeentch, Changeling
Bloodletters-8, icon
Bloodletters-8, icon
Daemonettes-6, musician or transfixing gaze

Fast Attack
Flesh Hounds-5

Heavy Support
Soul Grinder-phlegm


The plan is to drop the Grinder, Horrors, Flamers, and a unit of Bloodletters to provide some early firepower and icon. Otherwise, the 'nettes and Hounds will deploy out of sight to get a charge next turn while the Bloodletters prepare a good icon location.

Alternatively, I could split the Horrors into 2 units of 6 each with Bolt and the Changeling in one. Then I could add Tongue to the Grinder's arsenal and swap Heralds for a Khorney one with Hide and Might.

Which list do you think would work better, or how would you use ==My== models better?