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    Coming back to the fold. 2000 points, Khorne-heavy

    After pretty much quitting 40k with the advent of 3rd edition (blegh), I've been seduced once more with the new edition and the new Chaos codex (and the 'nid codex, and witchhunters and... well, you know how it is).

    I've thrown together what old stuff I had remaining, and bought/traded for a few more units here and there. Here's my first attempt at a 2000 point list.


    Chaos Sorcerer - 180; Mark of Slaanesh, Familiar, Lash of Submission, Warptime, Jetpack, Force Weapon, meltabombs.
    Kharn the Betrayer - 165


    Chosen Chaos Space Marines [x8] - 249; Icon of Khorne, 4x Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion w/Powerfist.
    Chaos Terminators [x4] - 185; Icon of Khorne, 3x Combi-plasmas, 1x Heavy Flamer, 1x Chainfist.


    Chaos Space Marines [x10] - 295; Icon of Khorne, 2x Plasmaguns, Aspiring Champion w/Powerfist, Rhino w/ Combi-plasma.
    Chaos Space Marines [x10] - 295; Icon of Khorne, 2x Plasmaguns, Aspiring Champion w/Powerfist, Rhino w/ Combi-plasma.
    Khorne Berserkers [x9] - 224; Personal Icon, Aspiring Champion w/Power weapon & meltabombs. Ride in Land Raider.

    Chaos Land Raider - 255; Daemonic Possession, Combi-plasma, Dirge Caster
    Defiler - 150; Reaper Autocannon, TL Heavy flamer.

    Army Total: 1998

    Now, I know what everyone is thinking. A Slaanesh-marked sorcerer leading a bunch of Khorne fanatics?! Heresy! Well, I'm modeling the Sorcerer as a chaplain, of sorts, and have some justifications for his powers. Warptime/I6/Force weapon are simply his badass ninja moves, while the Lash can represent his ability to outmaneuver his enemies and trick them into traps and ambushes. It's not Slaaneshi magic, it's mad skills, baby.

    I'm not sold yet on Kharn. He's a proper beatstick, but I'm wondering if I would be better served just using the points for another Defiler or a pair of Obliterators.

    The plan is pretty simple. The Chosen outflank and go for the juicy, heavy stuff usually hiding in the back lines, porting terminators in to help as needed/when available. The Land Raider and berserkers go for the throat, hopefully drawing a LOT of fire. The two basic units I've designed to be good at both range and close combat, so they can capture objectives, or support the Chosen/Berserkers as needed. The Sorc..err Chaplain flies around, either whooping ass on characters with Warptime and Force weapon, or Lashing stuff into rapid fire/assault range. After delivering its deadly payload, the landraider joins the Defiler in blowing **** up.

    I'd love some input on this list before I complete my purchases.

    Last edited by terminus; July 29th, 2008 at 08:15. Reason: i r no gud @ speallingz

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    As a blood fanatic I do not see Slaanesh worthy of even spitting on!
    As a Slaanesh Battle Commander I love the Lash of Submission.

    Being who I am I cannot be happy with an army list that doesnt completely follow one God's rules.

    Idk if your list is effective.... but just think... how much blood will your puny bolters and plasma guns spill? NONE! Youz needz chain axes! chain axes! GORECHILD!

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