1750 Mech Tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1750 Mech Tournament

    This is an Mech list im using this saturday in a tournament. The basic idea is the rhino with the bezerkers runs fowards the next turn the terminatrs deep strike. Now since the bezerkers have a Personal Icon the Termis wont scatter so the termis can assist the Bezerkers then the bezerkers can run in front of teh termis giving them a four up cover save untill there in combat. The rest of the army takes out all tanks first turn then moves onto to anti tank infantry then the rest from there.

    Lord termi Armour MoK Daemon Weapon 155

    5 termis MoK 2 pairs of LC 2 powerfist 1 chainfist Reaper Autocannon 260

    Dread Plasma Cannon 105

    7 Plauge Marines Champ Power Weapon 2 plasma guns meltabombs 226

    8 Noise Marines Champ Power Weapon Doom Siren 7 sonic balsters blastmaster 280

    8 khorne Bezerkers Champ Power Weapon Melta Bombs Personal Icon 208

    Rhino Daemonic Possesion Havoc Launcher 70

    Predator TL Lascannon Side Sponson Lascannon 165

    Vindicator 125

    Defiler Havoc Launcher 155

    Total 1749
    Models 34

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    HQ: Unreliable, a bit silly but extreemly fun!

    Elites: Drop the reaper for 3 combi plasmas. If you deep strike you will only shoot once then (hopefully) spend the rest of the game in combat.

    Dread: ok.

    Plague marines: With their poor initiative upgrade to a power fist.

    Sonic Marines: Either keep the champion and his kit but drop the sonics or drop the champion and operate at range using sonics. I would do the latter.

    Berserkers: Good

    Rhino: too expensive, drop the upgrades (well maybe extra armour). For the cost you are paying you could place the plague marines in a basic rhino as well. Giving the enemy a choice of rhinos is probably better than extra armour on one.

    Pred: I prefer 2 LC and 1 AC as the cost is considderably less and it is a bit better against skimmers.

    Vindicator: Get daemonic possession here if you like.

    Defiler: Use the 2xCCW version as you will hardly ever use the havoc launcher over the battle cannon.
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