Ok Chaos experts, lend me your knowledge.

I am playing the last game of our local league and I'm up against the Eldar.

From what I know, it will be an Exarch with evil anti Chaos powers, lots of transports with Scorpions and at least one big squad of Fire Dragons, a squad or two of and Falcons with Holofields etc etc. An optimised range and CC build and my opponent is good at finding lots of shots before he smashes you in CC.

I have been playing a CC style Chaos for a few games now but for this game I've come up with the following. ANY and ALL help would be appreciated on how to make it work, what is useful and what I should change.

Prince with Wings, MOS & Lash - 155 points, for CC and to bring the game to me

Kharn the Betrayer, - 165; thought this guy might do some real damage and take some beating from the Eldar CC.


2 x Squad of 8 Plague Marines with a couple of heavy weaps (probably plasmas), and a Mark. These guys are Tough! - 2 x 192 points
Each squad with a Rhino, one with a Havoc Launcher, 35 points and 50 points


2 x Squad of 6 Chosen each with 2 Meltas and 1 Heavy Bolter plus IOCG - 153 pnts each
One squad with a Rhino - 35 pnts


2 x Squad of 8 Raptors with Champ, Power fist, each with IOS. 215 points each
One squad with 2 Meltas - 20 points
One squad with 2 Flamers - 10 points

2 x Auto Preds - 140 points
1 lot of 2 Obliterators - 150 points

10 Lesser Demons (I love my Slaneesh models) - 130 points

Lots of meltas for the tanks, lots of resiliant troops and lots of attacks in CC. And right on 2000 points

There you go. What suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help