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    Montrous Chaos [1750]

    Thought this would be fun. although i highly doubt it'll do that good in any competitive games. got an extra 55 points to throw in. opinons please

    Monstrous Army!

    Fabius Bile [160]
    Lucius the Eternal [160]

    CSM 9x, AC w/ power fist, melta bomb, flamer [180]
    CSM 9x, AC w/ power fist, melta bomb, flamer [180]
    CSM 10x, AC w/ power fist, melta bomb, 2x melta guns [215]

    Rhino 3x w/ daemonic possession [165]

    Obliterators 3x [225]

    2x Defiler w/ twin linked reaper autocannon, ccw [300]

    Greater Daemon [100]

    wanted to put possessed but they serve no purpose imo. i could possibly add them, remove the csm squad and the rhinos for a good amount of footslog possessed.


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    If you just want to do something with the 55 points you have over without adding models or changing what you already have. Put a havoc launcher on every rhino you have, might as well make good use of the demonic possession. And give an icon of chaos glory to one of the squads.

    If you are open to any sugestions here is what I would do to your list.

    First thing I would change in your list is to leave one of your AC without upgrades so when the greater demon shows up and possesses an AC you do not lose 45 pts of wargear and upgrades.

    Second thing I would drop is the demonic possession on the rhinos. Rhinos are made cheap so use that to your advantage put more cheap then less costly.

    Third thing, unless people around you load out on land raiders, your melta bombs are a waste of points. With the new rules you always hit rear armor on vehicules with cc attacks (except walkers) so with power fists you should be good to go to open up every tank. Almost every tank in 40k has a rear armor of 10.

    So far we have 170 pts left with my changes.

    A lot of options are open with those points:
    1. A Karmoon special (4 terminators, 3 with combi plasma, 1 with heavy flamer and powerfist) and give the mark of chaos glory to 2 CSM squads for better staying power and making sure your deep striking terminators and obliterators do not scatter.

    2. Add a rhino, put in as many CSM that you can with a meltagun and AC with powerfist, move a CSM from each squad that has 9 to even out yours squads.

    3. Add a dreadnaught with additional cc weapon changed to a missile launcher and add a heavy flamer (cheap 105 pts). With the extra points give mark of chaos glory to all your squads. You still have a few points left so leave the possession on one rhino and add a Havoc launcher.

    4. One last thing, I just love land raiders with the 5ed rules and since pretty much your whole list is mecanized except your Obliterators, I would swap them for a land raider. With the 170 points of changes I suggested you can make a whole new sqaud of CSM to fit in that nice land raider.

    I hope my suggestions help you out
    Last edited by Black_rose_00; August 15th, 2008 at 06:04.
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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