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    New to Daemons Mono Nurgle 1000 pts

    Hey, This is one of my first daemons lists and i just had to include those characters!

    Ku'Gath, The Plaugefather 300
    Noxious Touch, Breath of Chaos, Aura of Decay, Necrotic Missiles, Nurgling Infestation

    Epidermis 110
    Cloud of Flies, Plaugesword, Aura of Decay, The Tally of Pestilence

    Beast of Nurgle 45
    Noxious Touch

    Beast of Nurgle 45
    Noxious Touch

    Plaugebearers 160
    Noxious Touch

    Plaugebearers 145
    Noxious Touch

    Heavy Support
    Soul Grinder 185
    Tounge, Phlegm

    Total 990

    I'll mainly be fighting IG, Nids, Orks and of course both kinds of marines.
    It'll be a fairly weak ranged army so ill be playing some units to mop up fire whilst whichever units i need in there advance. These units will depend on who i'm playing.

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    I think that 1000 points might be too small to field both Ku'Gath AND Epidemius in the same list.

    Here's 2 options that I would give you:

    1) Drop Ku'Gath all together and pick up another unit of Plague Bearers & some Nurglings. Then, Give 2 units of Plague bearers a Chaos Icon.

    2) Drop Ku'Gath for a regular GUO and add another squad of Plague Bearers with the remaining points. Fit in an icon if you are able to as well.
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