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    Army Build ideas for 1500

    I'm glad to see such enthusiasm for the Demon army and so much information here. I picked up the codex when it came out and tried a couple games using the demon models I had from my CSM 3rd Ed days, and a couple proxies. The games didn't go very well and I have not tried it again. But I realized I messed up some rules and details in how I played it.

    Now that there has been some time and people gaining experience with this army, I would like to ask for some suggestions based on models I have and purchase recomendations.

    Here is what I have.

    8 flamers (I've heard smaller units are best so maybe 2 units of 4?)

    10 horrors (one big unit or 2 small units)

    10 bloodletters (is one big unit best to help survive?)

    2 demon princes (recomended configs?)

    Defiler (I can use this to proxy for a soul grinder which I do want to buy)

    Old Khorne juggernaught model (possibly a khorne herald on chariot?)

    So that's what I have. I'm considering making a Khorne herald with the jugger, and then converting a tzeetch herald on chariot. I've read these combos work pretty well. But the list seems short on troop choices, I think I need at least 3 total at 1500. Do I break up the horrors, get more horrors? I've heard a unit of plague bearers works well to sit on an objective, does sound right?

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    Here's a list worth a shot:

    HoK on Jugger w/Unholy Might and Icon 145 pts

    3xFlamers of Tzeentch 105 pts
    3xFlamers of Tzeentch 105 pts
    3xFlamers of Tzeentch 105 pts

    10xBloodletters with Fury 170 pts
    10xHorrors with Bot and Changeling 185 pts

    Heavy Support:
    Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm 160 pts
    DPoN w/ Nox Touch, Wings, BoC, Iron Hide 240 pts
    DPoT w/ Bot, D.Gaze, BoC, Master of Sorcery, Iron Hide, unholy might 240 pts

    Total: 1455

    You'd have to get an extra flamer model or proxy one, and get a model for the changeling. This list should at least get you up and rolling. You're going to be short on scoring units, so use what you have well. I'd drop the Grinder, DPs and Herald and a squad of flamers as your first group. The DPs are expensive for my tastes, but you can never go wrong with one really.

    Here's another DP build:
    DPoS w/ aura, musk, T. Gaze, Paven, BoC, Iron Hide, Wings, Unholy Might 295 pts

    More expensive than I'd like, but considering the number of models, he's not bad.

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