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    2500pt 'Ard Boyz List.

    There are several strategies for this army- Lots of tough troops to take objectives. Champions in all of the squads in case they need backup from the daemons. Taking out the opponents 'expensive' units. Sadly, I think I will suffer from a lack of heavy support and despite having a TON of daemons and berzerkers, I will still be short on troops.

    Terminator Lord w/ Lightning Claws & MoN
    Is going to be with the other termies in the land raider.

    Chaos Sourceror W/ MoN and Wind of Chaos
    With the plague marines. Should be decent against troops

    Chaos Terminators (4) w/ IoN, 3x Lightning Claws, 1x C.Fist + Flamer
    In the land raider. The point of this squad is either to take out expensive troops, or go for the HQ.

    Plaguemarines (7) w/ Champ+Pwr Weap & 1x Plasma
    Troop Support

    Khorne Berzerkers (8 ) w/ Champ+ Pwr Wep
    Khorne Berzerkers (8 ) w/ Champ+ Pwr Wep
    Khorne Berzerkers (8 ) w/ Champ+ Pwr Wep
    Khorne Berzerkers (8 ) w/ Champ+ Pwr Wep
    Lots of berzerkers! Going to run to the objectives, champs will try to summon daemons for capturing points if they are below half strength.

    'Greater Daemon'
    Do I need an explanation on this one?
    'Lesser Daemon' x10
    'Lesser Daemon' x10
    Objective capturing/etc

    Land Raider w/ Daemonic Posession
    Pew pew. Also carries the termies.

    Chaos Bikers [3] w/ IoN, 2x meltaguns, Champ w/ Powerfist
    Suicide tank hunting squad!!

    What do I need to add/take out?

    Heres what else I own.. Sadly I can't buy anything more.

    1xPredator w/ Las Sponsons
    5x Terminators (1 with Reaper Autocannon, though I can change it out for a meltagun)
    2x Chaos Bikers (Standard setup)
    7x Marines (Look like plaguemarines).. who 'need work'.

    Extra bits to make powerfists and such.

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    This looks really solid. The only thing I can see revolves around your Plague Marine unit. As they are your covering fire, I'd really want to get a second plasmagun on there, and the only way I can see to do it would be to change your Sorc's psychic power. You'll probably want them outside of anyone's charge range, so Winds might not help you too often. How about the cheaper Doombolt for a bit more range and shootiness? That frees up the points for another plas, and even a personal icon somewhere to give you more options for daemon summoning.

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