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    2000 Point Friendly

    145: Lord, Mot, Pair of Lightning Claws

    475: 04 Terminator Champions, MoT, 2x Pairs of lightning claws, Chainfist, Land Raider, Deamonic Possesion

    260: 10 CSM, Champion, Power Weapon, 2X plasma Gun, Rhino Extra Armor

    240: 10 CSM, Champion, Power Weapon, 2x Flamer, Rhino Extra Armor

    200: 10 CSM, Champion, Power Weapon, Auto Cannon, Melta Gun

    190: 10 CSM, Champion, Power Weapon, Heavy Bolter,

    150: Vindicator, Deamonic Possession, Twin Linked bolter

    340: 10 Havocs, Champion, Power Fist, Combi plasma, 4x Las Cannons

    Seems pretty balanced to me, higher point levels will see more CSM for non rhino squads, and marks to go around

    Thousand Bows (SM)
    Tau 3-1
    Tyranids 1-0
    Eldar 0-1


    SW 0-1

    GK 1-0

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    I have just a few small suggestions,

    First since the demolisher cannon is an ordinance weapon you can't shoot the bolter if you shoot it.

    Second don't forget that the havocs are all shooting at the same target, so 4 las-cannons might be a bit excessive.

    otherwise, have fun.

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