Hiya peeps.. I'm really new to this game, so I'd like some help with my army list. I've divided my army into two forces, under one flag (creating some fluff, but not anything important)

Now, the army is only containing Khorne Berzerkers and Thousand Sons as troop choices, and I'd like it to stay that way, as only formality, but other then that nothing big.
Now, my standing army is going to consider two HQ, but with the point limit, I've spilt the army between them.. and the point limit is more of a guideline of the amount of troops I've got in my possession at the moment..

Khorne part:

Chaos Lord (150)
-Jump pack
-Pair of Lightning claws

Khorne Berzerkers (292)
-11+skull w/powerfists

Thousand Sons (254)
-8+Aspring w/Doombolt

Chaos Predator (145)
-Havoc Launcher

Tzeentch part:

Chaos Sorcerer (205)
-Winds of Chaos

Khorne Berzerkers (229)
-8+Skull w/powerfist

Thousand Sons (269)
-8+Aspring w/Bolt of Change

Chaos Predator (145)
-Havoc Launcher

Please, if I missed any detail, or information about my thought or anything madly wrong, I'd love to hear (: