Competative 1750 pt Black Legion - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Competative 1750 pt Black Legion

    I'm looking to create a decent Black Legion list to use in tournaments in my area. I am looking for constructive criticism and any helpful advice on how to make my list better.

    Demon Prince 150 pts
    - Wings, Nurgle

    This guy will follow behind the Rhinos and try to aid the occupants. I chose Nurgle to increase his survivability to small arms fire.

    10 Chosen 305 pts
    - Glory, 2x Plasma Guns, 2x Heavy Bolters, Power Weapon
    - Rhino: Extra TL Bolter

    These guys will outflank and choose a piece of terrain to provide fire support to the rest of my army. Not sure if this is a decent set up for this role.

    2x 10 Chaos Marines 250 pts
    - Glory, Flamer, Melta
    - AC: Powerfist
    - Rhino

    These guys will attempt to get stuck in or hold objectives.

    2x 10 Chaos Marines 200 pts
    - Glory, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher
    - Aspiring Champion

    These two squads will hold back in my deployment zone to hold objectives and provide some firepower.

    13 Lesser Demons 169 pts

    The role for these guys is to appear wherever they are needed with some decent CC abilities.

    Heavy Support
    3 Obliterators 225 pts

    I initially thought of using a Land Raider but decided that 3 Obliterators would be much more versatile.

    Grand Total: 1749 pts

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    951 (x8)

    HQ: Good. Warptime would make him a killer.

    Elites: Dont like them. If you outflank you arrive on turn 2 or 3 with heavy weapons that may not be able to fire until turn 4 and it could only be a 5 turn game. Swap them for a troop choice with fist, glory, 2 meltas and rhino.

    Troops: First 2 squads are great but keep the special weapons the same in each squad.
    Second 2 squads are ok for fire support but I perfer the manouverability of 2 plasma guns. Power weapons would be nice from the points saved from swaping chosen with troops. Daemons are fine.

    Heavy: Classic.
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