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    First list 1500pts mix


    Herald of tzeentch-120pts
    We are legion, master of sorcery,Bolt of tzeentch, Chaos icon

    Herald of Khorne-110pts
    Iron Hide, Chaos icon.


    -3xFlamers of tzeentch-105pts
    -3xFlamers of tzeentch-105pts
    -5xBloodCrushers of khorne-225pts
    Chaos icon

    -10xBloodletters of Khorne-160pts
    -10xBloodletters of Khorne-160pts
    -10x plaguebearers-150 pts
    -10x Pink horrors of tzeentch-170pts

    Heavy support-160pts
    -Soulgrinder of Chaos-160pts

    Total:1504 pts

    so the main idea here is the plaguebearers are there to hold objective. Nurgling just to slow down a bit the enemy's elite troops.
    The flamers , some one told me it was realy powerfull so i insert them in, in 2 squad of 3 instead of 6 in a squad, i hope like this i can do more killing with them The hq, well i don't know if they are any good, but i was hoping the Heral of Tzeentch to stay back a bit and play more of a support role and do some light tank /transport hunting.
    If i drop the nurgling i can hop him on a disc is it a good idea?

    As for the Herald of Khorne well i don't know if he can join unit, if he can i plan to put him in 1 of the bloodletters squad, if not well again he can support the HtH combat and jump from fight to fight.

    The soulgrinder is well... just here 'cuse i'm a big fan , he add some anti tank punch i've given him phlegm but if i play with some one with med to high armor tank, maybe i'll switch it to tongue. But i love phlegm... ( remind me of my IG army and my Leman russ) .
    The icon are on the Hq, as i think they will be the most stable point to deep strike and i have one in the bloodcrusher as they will mostly be my big hard hitting unit so if they need support i can be sure they come in one piece. The main problem with the list is the lack of speed... How can i counter this? should i drop a unit of bloodletter for demonette?
    Thx for the help guys if any question , I'll be glad to answer oh and remember it's my first list

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    You need to do 1 of 2 things with the Tzeentch Herald... 1) Stick him in a chariot. 2) Drop the Icon and put it in a unit of horrors.

    The Herald of Khorne is OK, but I would prefer a Nurgle DP for a little more points.


    Both Flamer units are perfect.

    5 is a lot of points for Bloodcrushers and that many will have some difficulty deep striking in without suffering from a mishap.


    Bloodletters are fine.
    Plaguebearers really aren't all that great outside of an all-nurgle epidemius list. I would be tempted to replace them with something else.
    Horrors are fine.
    You'll need at least 5 nurgling bases for them to be able to do anything.

    Soul Grinders are awesome models, and are pretty good on the battlefield. The only problem here is that you only have one of them, so all Anti-tank will point towards the SG and probably kill it before it can earn it's points back. If you are able to, I would find some points to take a second SG or take none at all. Daemon Princes are the best units in our arsenal IMO.

    Decent first attempt. Playtest your list with proxies before you buy.
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    HQ: HoT should drop icon for a chariot. Drop the HoK for points as he is more expensive than 2 bloodcrushers and no where near as good.

    Elites: Flamers are perfect. Crushers are too and I like the larger squad size as it will keep the icon alive for longer.

    Troops: Bloodletters are good and you could up their squad size with points from the HoK. Plague bearers are fantastic as units to hold Icons so put one in here from the HoT. Horrors are good and the changeling upgrade is so cheap as to be almost mandatory. Nurglings should eother be upgraded or dropped, probably the latter as they are not scoring.

    Fast: You are really short of anti tank so 3 screamers may help.

    Heavy: I don't like having only one tank as all your opponent's lascannon will concentrate on it. Get 1-2 cheap daemon princes possibly using points from the HoK.
    A Prince with MoT and bolt is a good 140 point anti tank unit who is good in combat as well.
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