2000 pt. Deamons tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pt. Deamons tourney

    I used this list in a tourney and I did much better than expected. Hope you guys approve.

    Greater Demon of Tzeentch - BOC
    Skulltaker - on a juggernaught
    The Masque

    4 x Bloodcrushers
    6 x Flamers
    6 x Flamers

    10 x Bloodletters - chaos icon
    10 x Bloodletters - chaos icon
    10 x Bloodletters
    10 x plaguebeaers - choas icon

    Heavy Support:
    DP - Deamonic flight, unholy might, iron hide, mark of khorn.
    DP - Deamonic gaze, bolt of tzeentch, mark of Tzeentch
    Soul Grinder - phlegm, toung

    Helpful criticism and/or advice would be very helpful.

    Thank you.

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    HQ: With so many flamers you don't need more BoC so I would drop the LoC for 2 Chariots with HoT, legion, sorcery & bolt. If you get close with a LoC he gets locked in combat and this isn't the best use of his points. Skulltaker is less effective than just adding 3-4 bloodcrushers to your unit. Masque is ok but blue scribes could be better if you have a unit of 10 horrors to hide in.

    Elites: Flamers are fantastic but usually only get one shot then because they are so good your opponent charges them to keep them in combat. Drop them to units of 3 or 4 at the most. 6 flamers cannot all fire their templates on the turn they arrive either. Crushers are good and if you add another model or two they make a very survivable unit for icons.

    Troops: All good. Move one icon to the crushers to use their iron hide as protection for it.

    Heavy: Princes are ok but the winged one will be shot first. A Nurgle version with Nox and cloud of flies would be more survivable. Tzeentch prince is ok but dropping gaze is also acceptable as it should be tank hunting most of the time.
    Drop the soulgrinder for another prince as only one tank won't last long in a 2000 point game. A BS4 las cannon could kill a soulgrinder in one shot but will only do 0.277 wounds on a tzeentch prince on average.
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