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    Nurgle/Khorne 2000pts

    Hello all,
    I would like to start off by saying I am a long time collector/painter/reader but I haven't ever really built a list to play with. I usually build lists more as a guideline for collecting and painting. Anyways this is my first attempt at a playable list this is not for tournaments or anything just some friendly play. I love both the death guard and world eaters so this list tries to use them both.
    Thanks ahead of time for any feedback


    Kharn the Betrayer

    Sorcerer of Nurgle
    Wings,Warptime, MoN

    Basically a commander for each side


    Terminators x 5
    Heavy Flamer, Combi-Plasma x 4, Chainfist, MoN

    Deepstriking them


    Khorne Berserkers x 9
    Skull-Champion w/ power wep, plasma psitol, Melta Bombs

    The Bombs were a use for extra points I had left

    Plague Marines x 7
    Champion w/ power wep, plasma pistol, personal Icon, plasma gun x 2, Rhino

    Plague Marines x 7
    Champion w/ powerfist and a personal icon melta gun x 2, Rhino

    Summoned lesser Demons x 8

    Ran out of points and wanted a 4th troop choice I thought they could hold an objective for me

    Fast Attack:

    Raptors x 5
    Champion w/ powerfist, MoK, Melta-Gun x 2

    Heavy Support:

    Land Raider w/ Demonic Possession

    Transport for Kharn and his crew I know the squad isn't Khorne's favorite number but I felt is was waste to not fill the LR up.

    Predator w/ Autocannon and side lascannons

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