Me and a buddy is thinking about running a small unfriendly game in a few days. All I know is that he will be running about 500 points of plague marines and that he favours havocs.

Since this is most unfriendly I'm tailoring something that is undivided a with 250 points or more of demons.

So I was thinking something like this:

1k chaos

2*oblitz 150

Defiler all CCW 150

defiler all CCW 150

greater demon 100
dp+wings 130

rhino 35
6 csm + champ + meltagun 130

rhino 35
5 csm + champ + meltagun +combi plasma 120

its dirty and packs a serious amount of cc punch vs nurgle. The basic idea is to deny the havocs firing solutions on my defilers and then charge into the mess of plagies with the lot of it after I soften them up with battle cannons the greater demon will be a nice surprise me thinks