Heres a list I used a few days ago against Omegokus Doom Eagle space marines.
Spearhead deployment with d3 plus 2 objectives (cant remember what thats called)
Game ended in a very close draw.

Wings/Twin Lightning claws/MoS/Melta Bombs.
150 points.

7 Plauge Marines
2 Plasma/1 powerfist.
231 points.

8 Bezerkers
1 power weapon.
Rhino 35pts

10 CSMs
2 meltas/1 powerfist-IocG.
220 points

5 Havocs
4 Misslie Launchers
165 pts

999 points total. (on the day it was correct)

Ok some of the points values may be wrong as Im doing this from memory and may not have it exactly right but the above is what was used.
Idea was the PMs sit on an objective and stay there (they did) the bezerkers cause some serious carnage with their brand new rhino (they didnt it got blown up in the first turn and 3 died disembarking-the rest got wiped out by turn 3 from shooting) The lord was to hang back and help out where needed (he did) and the havocs were to destroy as much as possible. (got reduced to 1 by the end of the game-the last surviving havoc missed his last 3 shots-rolled a 1 for all of them).

Opposition was infantry heavy Marines.

Wondering any one can make suggestions as to what have may worked better.
Other options to take on the day would have been up to 3 Obliterators/10 man squad with 2 plasmas/ 8 more bezerkers or Raptor squad with 2 meltas. And a defiler. I didnt have the rest of my army with me so no vehicles other than rhinos.

Dont have combi-plasma terminators made yet, I also have another squad of PMs (7 with 2 meltas) in the middle of being painted,Winged Daemon princes are still in their boxes so please dont suggest those.

No daemon weapon on the Lord as a) model doesnt have one and b) I didnt really need the extra strength because of the re-rolls for the LCs anyway.

Im interested to see what people suggest what else I could have done.