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    1500pt List Undivided (Help Needed!)


    Daemon Prince, MoS, LoS, Wings -155


    4x Terminators, Chainfist, Heavy Flamer, 3x Combi-Plasma -150


    10x CSM, 2x Melta, AC with Powerfist, IoCG, Rhino -255
    10x CSM, 2x Plasma, AC with Powerfist, Rhino -255
    8x Khorne Bezerkers, SC with Power Weapon, Personal Icon, Rhino -238
    10x CSM, Lascannon, Plasma Gun -185

    Fast Attack

    9x Raptors, IoS, 2x Melta, AC with Lightning Claws -260

    Total: 1499

    Plan: Daemon Prince does his thing utilising lash to bring targets in cc range of it and raptor squad. Khorne Bezerkers are for supporting the line wherever needed. CSM Rhino squads are my objective grabbers. Lascannon squad to hold my home objective and sit in cover popping HQs and Tanks. The terminators will be called down on one of the numerous icons to bolster the lines where need be and unleash plasma/flamer death. Thoughts? Ideas?

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    hmm looks really good on paper i think

    i don't know what it would play like,
    i reckon your going to have a hard time
    against sit and shoot armies. if they pop
    your rhinos, then it's slow and short ranged....
    lots of scoring unit is nice.
    lots of plasma is nice.
    6 power/chainfists is nice.
    i like this army, the only real
    weakness is the rhinos

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    Well, I think the list looks good.

    A couple suggestions, you only have 1 longrange weapon, which is ok since you have plenty of meltas, but keep in mind that will force you to get in close range to kill tanks.

    The other thing is switch out the IoS on the raptors, it really isn't worth it, yes you will be going before marines, but if you want to use them for CC then put either IoK or IoCG. The +1 attack will be much more effective than +1I, as you get a charge with them (which you should because they are raptors), the extra attack will do more damage.
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