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    2K Khorne/Tzeentch fun!


    Bloodthirster: Unholy Might- 270 Pts.

    Skulltaker: Juggernaut- 175 Pts.

    Herald of Tzeentch: Bolt of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, We are Legion- 95 Pts.

    Core Troops:

    10x Bloodletters- X Pts.

    10x Bloodletters- X Pts.

    10x Horrors: Changeling, Bolt of Change- 185 Pts.

    10x Horrors- X Pts.


    2x Bloodcrushers: Chaos Icon- 105 Pts.

    2x Bloodcrushers: Chaos Icon- 105 Pts.

    5x Flamers- X Pts.

    Fast Attack:

    5x Screamers of Tzeentch- X Pts.

    Heavy support:

    Deamon Prince of Chaos: Iron Hide, MoT, Bolt of Change, Deamonic Gaze- 190 Pts.

    Deamon Prince of Chaos: Iron Hide, Deamonic Gaze- 130 Pts.

    Total: 2000 Pts.

    Fluff and back story to come soon, I had some help from Katie crafting this since I have yet to play 5th Edition. C&C welcome.

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    HQ: Bloodthirster is fine. Might could be dropped for points but why not. Skulltaker isn't worth it as you can almost buy 4.5 more bloodcrishers for the cost and I know which is more survivable and better in combat. HoT could go in a chariot or join a unit.

    Elites: Flamers work best in threes as when you deepstrike it is difficult to get more than 3 to shoot. The bloodchushers are far too small to protect the icons. Dropping skulltaker for more crushers would keep the icons alive for longer. I suggest 3 flamers and 2 units of 5 crushers and no skulltaker for a points neutral (ish) swap.

    Troops: Good. Possibly swap Bolt into the other unit of horrors to not make one unit a particular target.

    Fast: ok.

    Heavy: With MoT you don't really need Hide but it helps a bit. Gaze and Bolt don't work that well together. By dropping some points from above you could try for 3 cheap princes rather than 2 more expensive ones. MoN & Gaze is good as it MoT & Bolt.
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