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Thread: 1500 Renegade

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    1500 Renegade

    Lord w/ Termi armour, MoS, Demon Weapon, Combi-melta (155pts)

    4 Termi's w/ Reaper, Chainfist (160pts)

    10 Chaos Marines w/ Champion, Power Weapon, IoK, 2 Plasma Guns (240pts)

    10 Chaos Marines w/ Champion, Power Weapon, IoK, 2 Plasma Guns (240pts)

    10 Chaos Marines w/ Champion, Power Fist, IoK, Melta gun (245pts)

    10 Berzerkers w/ Champion, Power Weapon, 2 Plasma Pistols, Personal icon (270pts)

    Berzerker Rhino w/ Pintle Mounted Twin-linked Bolter (40pts)

    Obliterator (75pts)

    Oblterator (75pts)

    Before some of you Veterans jump down my throat with constructive criticism there are a few things i need to make clear. The Plasma Pistols for the Berzerkers are NOT on the champion, the rhino will die pretty quickly-but it just needs one turn of movement to be worthwhile.

    So, any thoughts? I am not sure how it will go against shooty armies, hopefully the deep strikers will cause enough confusion for the bulk of the army to reach my opponent.

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    Looks pretty good to me, just a couple things I would change.

    The bezerker squad needs a PF otherwise a player will just throw a dreadnought in front of them and then they're stuck.

    Also I don't think the chaos marines really need IoK, Khorne is my favorite god too, but IoCG would be much better on them to make sure they don't run away. With those extra points you can give your termies combi weapons.
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