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    Mixed Race 1000 pts

    Well Nurgle failed me cus the troops blow so I went for something I enjoyed playing with, being Khorne and Slaanesh, so I would like to call this army Khalesh (sounds like an arabic meat dish) but yeah here it is, 1000 pts, please tear it apart if you could, becuase that helps alotttt thanks xx


    BloodThirster w Unholy Might - 270

    I put UM there because I had the points to and a BT there cus it was either him or a herlad of Khorne and a Skulltaker with upgrades. he is the most survivable greater daemon and could whip the ST and HoK at the same time in combat, at the same price, so why not really? he looks big and scary too


    10 x Daemonettes - 140
    10 x Daemonettes - 140
    10 x Daemonettes - 140

    they are cheap and versatile, they can fleet, have a decent WS and many attacks with rend, these guys do serious damage to enemy lines

    Heavy Support

    2x Daemon Princes of Nurgle w Iron Hide Noxious Touch and Cloud of flies - 310

    They are deadly and they can last a long time with Nurgle toughness, a better armour save and a decent inv, why not have them really.

    Total - 1000 exact

    So what dya think? the daemonettes down first, followed by the 3 beasts to cause masses of havoc. tear it apart if you could

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    Looks great. Personally I would drop might from the HQ and get gaze for one of the daemon princes (to use the lovely BS5) or swap 10 daemonettes for 10 bloodletters.
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