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    Possible 2k list with 2 Greater Daemons

    I've been playing Daemons for a while now, with about a 50-50 win loss ratio.

    They're good fun, but I've been trying to come up with something a bit more reliable.

    The theme is basically 'Legal 2-god list'

    Bloodthirster with +1 strength
    Lord of Change

    2 x 3 Flamers (one risky drop, one safe drop--I haven't tried two units before but in 2000 points I don't think it is excessive)

    10 Bloodletters with icon
    10 Bloodletters
    10 Bloodletters

    (yes, a bit boring, but two gods as I said. The alternative would be to have something 'count as' plaguebearers or daemonettes, but at the moment theme-wise I dislike just having one unit of one god. I have tried a large daemonette unit, and they do ok)

    10 Horrors with icon, bolt and changeling.
    10 Horrors with bolt

    Soulgrinder with phlegm (battlecannon)
    Soulgrinder with tongue (railgun)
    BS3 railgun is not super, but it gives me something to tackle AV14 at range, and especially monoliths.

    So you'll notice I don't have any of the funkier units like fiends, juggernauts or daemon princes. I have tried these, and they just don't cut it. Juggernauts are too hard to land in the size that you need, and far too awkward with their MASSIVE BASES, fiends die too easily and daemon princes are just not as good as greater daemons for their points. I don't really want seekers for theme reasons and the fact that they die just as easily as daemonettes, and though they are fast, rending is so unreliable.

    In this list, I have the speed with the greaters, a bit of anti-armour shooting (not reliable, but you can get lucky), a good deal of anti-infantry firepower and a whole bunch of power weapon assaulting and anti-armour assault.

    Up until this point, dreadnoughts and the like have been my achilles heel, as I haven't had reliable ways of dealing with them. But with two GDs and two grinders, I can assault them mercilessly.

    I could be convinced to try flesh hounds, they are about the only thing i'd like to try, but their lack of staying power in combat concerns me.

    I am aware I would concede a reasonably large amount of kill points (11) but I find with Daemons you can't win a battle of attrition. Basically my plan is to kill everything before it kills me! Almost any army can outshoot me, so sitting back isn't an option.

    Also this army is relatively reliable as it's two halves would be similar. I have a bit of redundancy so bad reserves rolls aren't going to completely hamstring me.

    So I don't think I've seen a cheesy Daemon list yet, but would you think this borders on it? It is perhaps a little cut-and-paste, but with sticking to only two gods your choices are limited. I suppose I could stick to the old unholy numbers thing if I wanted to.

    Comments most welcome.

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    Elites: Perfect.

    Troops: Good. perhapse swap the horror icon into the other horror unit (without the changeling) to make that unit less of a target.

    Heavy: Fine.

    HQ: You can drop might from the bloodthirster. I don't like the LoC as he isn't great in combat and his shooting although good is inefficient without "we are legion". Even with it he is very expensive.
    Considder 2 HoT with Legion, Sorcery, Bolt and chariots. They fly around at medium range safe from assaults and not really worth pumping in the large amounts of long ranged firepower to kill them (especially when bloodletters are on the prowl). These guys could take over from the toung soul grinder allowing you 2 plegm attacks.
    Quorn! - Protein for the Protein God.

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    if you even think about adding one thing to LoC, look to kairos as he is that awesome. re-rolls for all around and all the Tzeentch spells with a great save. Just costly is all.

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