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    Decayed Ones(LONG FLUFF)

    Alright this is my newest army and the most centered on fluff. The points were only done and put in as an after thought(there was a little work put in to make it viable and to get it to a point number that i would actually be able to find games at). Any comments or help on my fluff and/or army composition would be greatly appreciated. Be warned this is very long. I dont know if length has anything against the rules but please don't bash me for that. rather read a different post.

    The Decayed Ones- The Steel Behemoths were a codex chapter founded shortly after the Horus Heresy. On a Campaign that brought there path close to the Eye of terror they were lost to the Warp. The chapter went through turmoil as battle brothers split into 2 factions on the chapters space hulk Emperors Will. The chapters chief librarian Fellion eventually brought the space hulk from the warp. They came back nine thousand years later. But massive damage and a close by planets gravitational well proved too much for the large ship. The planet was a horror of disease and decay. This was a major turning point for the chapter. The two factions finally broke out into war as the last strand of sanity was broken. One side was faithful to the Emperor and now saw that there former battle brother had a new allegiance. It was no accident that the ship had landed on this planet. The other faction lead by the newly doubt Sorcerer Fellion. They made war on the planet of disease until the faithful of the Emperor were whittled down to the chapter master and Fellion watched him as he succumbed to the persistent Nurgle's Rot. For their faith Nurgle sent one of his oldest followers to help them. A Daemon prince of great power by the name of Fenrot. With Fenrot leading and army of devoted Plague marines the emperor himself would tremble in his throne.

    Fenrot-Unique among those blessed by Nurgle Fenrot is gaunt and malnourished. For he is the blight to crop. Daemon Prince-MoN, Wings and Nurgle Rot=165

    Sorcerer Fellion- Secondary in command he commands the destructive rage virus Nurgle marines. He rides a mighty Palanquin Slimespawn into battle. Sorcerer-MoN, Daemonic Mount, Wind of Chaos=180

    Calidon the Plague Clawed-A venerable dreadnought from before the heresy. He fought alongside Fenrot during the heresy before Fenrot returned to the warp. His allegiance lies with him and has found his way mysteriously back to his comrade. Dreadnought with heavy bolter and CC arm. 105

    Terminator Squad Pox- A disgusting terminator squad characterized by large bony tube protrusion spewing disease and filth. They spray their enemy's with corrosive filth before assaulting. 5xtermies MoN, 3x power fist, heavy flamer, 2 combi-flamers 235

    Rage Chem Marines- These marines brains have decomposed to the point where they fear nothing. They feel nothing but rage as a side effect. Papa nurgle pumps them full of this virus to keep them going. Led by the aspiring champion Gerrous they bring fear to the loyalist dogs. Khorne Berserkerx8 aspiring champ with powerfist=208

    Plague marines Squad Virus- Dedicated plague marines ride up in there rhinos before disembarking to unleash hell and take on the assault with death heads. The squad is lead by Aspiring Champion Merrion.Plague marinex7, 2xplasma guns, and aspiring champion with power fist, rhino with combi-melta, personal icon=281

    Plague Marine Squad Parasite- An identical squad of plague marines led by aspiring champion Dearth. Sibling to Merrion they constantly work to better the other to seek favor in the eyes of there god. Plague marinex7, 2xplasma guns, and aspiring champion with power fist rhino with combi-melta personal icon=281

    Plague Pledgers- Not all of Nurlges followers are evenly blessed. This squad seeks to become nurgle elite so they have undieing faith in the lord of decay. They are led by the Aspiring Champion Randor. CSMx10, MoCG, Missle launcher, and flamer rhino with combi-melta= 250

    Plague Riders- Nurgle riders dedicated to getting there contagious cargo up to the enemy fast. They are led by the Aspiring Champion Fortid lead his squad with a power fist. They employed a corrosive ick that eates through armor and flesh alike. Bikersx6 MoN, Meltasx2 aspiring champion with power fist=308

    Landraider for Chem Marines with daemonic Possesion=240

    Vindicator with daemonic Possesion, =145

    predator with Heav bolter side sponsons=100


    The army goes forward pops smoke(or turbo boasts) and doesnt do anything turn one. second turn all hell is unleashed as the tanks move to there final spots to let out the rage marines and plaguers. bikes go to pop tanks and so on. I heard about nurgle proxies and really liked the idea so im making mine out of berserker bit with khorne iconography replaced with nurgle and adding some possesed peices.any ways this is my list i dont have all the models yet but i plan on getting them before the new year. Nurgle daemon prince is coming out well since ive been making him from scratch.

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    The Decayed Ones 2500 points of nurgly goodness.
    Necron- Ice Wraiths of Scy-mir 2000+
    Imperial Daemon Hunters- 1500

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