1500pts a mix of 1k sons and black legion - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts a mix of 1k sons and black legion

    Well this is my first chaos army and i was wondering how to improve it and to see if it was any good.

    Ahriman 250pts

    5 Possessed
    - Tzeech Icon 170pts

    5 Terminators
    - Tzeech Icon 190pts

    - Multi - Melta 100pts


    10 Chaos Marines
    - Aspiring Champion
    - Plasma Gun
    - Missile Launcher 185pts

    10 Chaos Marines
    - Aspiring Champion
    - Flamer
    - Melta Bombs
    - Power Fist 190pts

    8 Thousand Sons
    - Sorcere
    - Chaos Gift
    - Icon 264pts

    Heavy Support
    - Twin Linked Lascannon
    - Sponson Heavy Bolters 145pts

    Total: 1494

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    HQ: He is expensive but powerful. You could also choose a MoT Daemon prince with wings, warptime and doombolt. This guy is cheper, faser and better in combat but he can be picked out in shooting.

    Elites: Drop the possessed, they are very expensive and not very good. Terminators are great but need a chainfist to protect them from enemy dreads. Also kit them out with 4 combiplasma and a single hvy flamer or combimelta. Dread is ok but could go loopy and shoot your own guys. Deploy him near the 1Ksons to use their 4+ invulnerable if this happens. Replacing him for a defiler could be an option.

    Troops 1: Need IoCG. If you take a champion then give him a PW/PF otherwise drop him. Avoid heavy weapons in squads as it cripples their manouverability, what about 2 plasmas.

    Troops 2: Again 2 special weapons (preferably meltas) and you don't need MBs if you have a power fist. IoCG to stop them running.

    Troops 3: Drop the icon because there is little need to deepstrike next to a slow & purpousful footslogger unit. I would suggest doombolt over gift because of the better range.

    Heavy: You can't move and fire all weapons on this model as you could in 5th edition. Besides, HB and LC don't really compliment each other too well. I suggest AC and 2LC for 130 points.

    With the point saved from dropping the possessed you can tune up the troop choices as above then probably spend the rest on rhinos for the troops or on a vindicator/defiler.
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