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    2000pts comp vs orcs and marines. Help please

    Ok I am trying to make a 2000pt list that can be used well against both ork hordes and marines of both types (the good guys and the way better bad guys). As you will see from the list I am not that interested in fluff. Please give me some advice and feedback.


    Daemon Prince
    wings, MoS, Lash =155pts

    Daemon Prince
    wings, Mos, Lash =155pts


    5 Terminators
    IoS, chainfist, heavy flamer, 3combi plasmas, 1combi melta =205pts


    10 Marines
    Asp Champ, power fist, 2 flamers, IoCG, in Rhino =245 pts

    8 Noise Marines
    Noise Champ, power weapon, doom siren, 6 sonic blasters, blast master =275pts

    10 Berzerkers
    Scull champ, power weapon, in Rhino =275pts

    9 Thousand sons
    Asp Sorcerer, doombolt =254pts

    Heavy Support

    Vindicator, demonic poss =145pts

    Vindicator, demonic poss =145pts

    2 obliterators =150pts

    Total = 2004pts

    I was thinking of taking a squad of plague marines instead of the thousand sons squad because it would be more useful against orcs but am unsure. I am also a bit worried about the lack of any fast attack but I suppose the daemon princes will fill that role. thanks for the help

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    HQ: Good

    Elites: I really like IoT on terminators to keep them around for longer.

    Troops: Squad 1 should take 2 meltas. I know flamers are good against orks but you have that covered with 2 lash and plenty of pie plates. You need something that can kill tanks and ork battlewagons.
    Noise marines are too expensive. Drop the champion (and probably the blast master) and use them as mobile storm bolters who can sit tight for 50% more shooting when they are not threatened.
    Berserkers are fantastic against orks.
    I would reccomend PMs over 1K sons against orks but they are not that bad and against marines they are fine. Why not drop squad 1 for PMs instead giving you one of each cult units in the army.

    Fast: Dont wory about it. 2 winged princes and any troops who can't move & fire at range have rhinos to add speed. Also 2 lash enables you to move the enemy around.

    Heavy: Drop possession as it hurts accuracy and with the points saved from the noise marines you can afford a third oblit. Get 1-2 personal icons in the cult troops to enable the deepstrike oblits with TL flamers against hordes or MMs against tanks.
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