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    1000pts Children of Gamblor!! multi-god list

    Hi y'all, ive finished painting my 500pts army list and am almost done with the 750 so now its on to expanding to 1000 pts

    HQ - Great unlcean one - Cloud of flies 165 pts

    Elites -
    Flamers -3- 105 pts
    Fiends of slannesh – 2 - 60 pts

    Troops -
    Daemonettes – 10 - 140 pts
    Bloodletters - 10 - 160 pts
    Plague bearers - 9 - 135 pts
    Plague bearers - 9 - 135 pts

    Heavy - Daemon prince – Daemonic gaze 100 pts

    1000 pts

    I usually change my favored group depending on the terrain and opposing forces so not much point putting it in here, but the general idea is to use the nurgle units to tie up the enemy in combat and act like meat shields for fire meanwhile the daemon prince and flamers drop down and unlease death giving more targets for my opponent to consider shooting at if his forces havent already been tied up in combat. The slannesh units drop down a reasonable distance from the enemy using their speed to race into combat while the bloodletters set up shop behind the plague bearers to keep them alive and keep up their charging chances.

    you may notice not icons here hence the name children of gamblor lol i was thinking of putting them into the next size list up but for now im going to have the daemons take their chances with more bodies rather than the icons... thoughts? suggestions?

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    I looks quite good, plenty of scorers and some MCs. I would give both plagubearer units icons so they can bring your buddies in more reliably. I'd drop down to 7 in each unit to afford them. With the leftover points, I'd replace gaze on your prince with iron hide and send him off into combat as soon as you can.
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