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    1500 points - Fast Chaos


    I built this list with speedy stuff in mind - I want the enemy to think it's been hit by Dark Eldar when it's actually CSMs! That means Slaanesh is needed so we can strike first. Here goes:

    L - Chaos Lord
    Mark of Slaanesh, Bike, Pair of Lightning Claws

    *A fast, tough fighty lord to go with the Bikers*

    T - 10x Chaos Space Marines
    Icon of Slaanesh, 2x Plasma Guns, AC with Power fist, RHINO with Havoc Launcher

    T - 10x Chaos Space Marines
    Icon of Slaanesh, 2x Plasma Guns, AC with Power Weapon, RHINO with Havoc Launcher

    *Rhinos for speed allows these guys to deliver hot plasma death at rapid fire range fairly easily. They're also pretty good in combat at I5, or can sit back, providing fire support, what ever I need. Rhinos grab a Havoc Launcher incase they do sit back (I know this seems contradictory to the tactics, but some guys you dont want to rush straight away...Nids for example...)*

    FA - 6x Bikers - 278
    Icon of Slaanesh, 2x Melta Guns, AC with Powerfist

    FA - 8x Raptors - 240
    Icon of Slaanesh, 2x Melta Guns, AC with 2x Lightning Claws

    *The 'in ya face' speed, and icons for the Oblits*

    HS - 2x Obliterators

    *Will probably deep strike these to get within Multimelta range of Tanks and such. Could also sit back with the Pred if need be*

    HS - Predator
    Autocannon, Heavy Bolter sponsons, Havoc Launcher

    *I wanted a little more armour in the list, just in case every Lascannon is pointed at the Rhinos. Wasn't sure on the configuration of this guys - Dakka Pred? or chuck in some Lascannon sponsons? Any thoughts?

    TOTAL - 1498

    Any thoughts would be appreciated,


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    HQ: He is certainly fast and deadly. A Lash Daemon prince with wings however is also fast & deadly and the lash used in conjunction with a fast army like yours is very powerful. Turn one just lash a victim towards your bikes or raptors and charge them to
    1. Give you something to do.
    2. Move you even further up the table.
    3. Protect your unit from shooting due to being locked to in combat in the enemy turn.
    Troops: Both squads are good but I think you need a third troop choice. 5-6 Sonic blaster noise marines are ok for holding home side objectives from cover and laying down supporting fire. Swap your troop weapons to meltas and put plasmas on the bikes. Bikes are relentless and so can rappid fire the plasma and charge on the same turn.

    Fast : Your bikes don't really need the icon and plasmas would be better. Raptors are excellent.

    Heavy: Oblits are fine. Most of your other squads have an anti tank ability and there are plenty of fast moving icons out there for you to make use of for deeptrike. The Pred could be swapped for an AC/2LC version for a bit more anti tank power or a vindicator.

    Overall I would drop the havoc launchers, bike icon and either an oblit or the pred to get the third troop choice. Or swap the raptors for another mechanised troop squad. 2/3rds of all missions need scoring troop chioices to gain victory and your opponent knows this. If he just concentrates on killing your 20 troops he guarantees himself at least a draw.
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