Ok, so this is completely off the wall and I'm sure I'll get hammered on but I threw this together after reading a "Way of the Water Warrior" reactive army article. The army is for a 1200 point friendly game so a few extra pts can be ignored.

Chaos Lord w/ Terminator Armor- no mods 120
Plague Marines x6, Plague Champ w/ PW, Plasma Gun 183
Noise Marines x6, Champ w/ PW & Doomsiren, 5x Sonic Blasters 190
Chaos Dreadnaught w/ Multimelta 100
2x Land Raiders w/ Extra Armor 235 ea.

And just because I Couldn't resist:
Karmoon Termies x4, Combi Plasma x3, Hvy Flamer & PF 150

The idea is to load up in the LRs and move around to deny LOS until we both can move up close enough for me to disgorge my units into battle with them. I'm going for good all around units as opposed to troops that specialize too much.

The Termies are for Deepstriking. I know I don't have Icons. But I'm not exactly sure what to drop. Suggestions would be greatly apprechiated. I don't want to have more than 10 points lingering either so I want to fill the list up but be troop light so I can keep everything buttoned up till I need it.