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    1500pt. Word Bearer army, help quick

    Hi all,

    Im going to play a 1500 point game tomorrow night at a friends house. There are gonig to be four players and we are going to play a sort of tournament. Two people play and then the next two and then the winners of the two games play. I play chaos word bearers and I have the possibility of playing: orks, eldar, IG, tau, SM, or nids. This is my list I have and I know it needs improvement. I can't tailor it to a specific army cause I don't know what I'll be playing. Here it is:


    Demon Prince: 205
    wings, MoT, warptime, WoC


    4 Terminators: 150
    3x combi plasmas, Hvy. Flamer, IoCG

    Dread: 105
    add. ccw, Hvy. Flamer


    10 Marines: 265
    2x plasmas
    Champ w/ powerfist
    IoCG, rhino

    10 Marines: 245
    2x meltas
    Champ w/ power weap.
    IoCG, rhino

    7 Marines: 125

    8 Thousand sons: 254
    sorcerer, doombolt

    Hvy. Supp.

    Defiler(stock): 150

    Total 1449

    I was thinking of taking a plasma and a melta out of the 10 man squads and adding a flamer. Also, just making the plasmas meltas instead. I also think I have too many Icons, maybe taking the one from the termies away, but I put them in so they had a good chance of not breaking in CC, im no sure what to do with that. Any help/criticism on this list would be greatly apprecitated. Just remember, I can't tailor it to a specific army.

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    If you have a Pred or second defiler, drop the flamer squad for it, 1 flamer w/out a rhino is pointless. You can also dump the icon on the termies, you probably wont have enough take casualties to make many Ld checks so rerolls most likley wont help. You can also swap WoC for Bolt of CHange, against heavy infantry it works wonders. The termies could use a powerfist and so could the CSM champ w/out one. THe 1k sons may want a 9th marine and a rhino. If you can, add 2 extra DCCW to the Defiler
    Hope it helps.

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