I've begun collecting Chaos Daemons now that my Tyranid Army is large enough to be spoilt for choice when I build a list.

I'm looking for opinions about my selections and advice on how to expand my list.

With this is mind, I don't like the Soul Grinder model (maybe a future modelling project).


Papa Bloatgut - GUO w/Cloud of Flies, Breath of Chaos - 195pts

The Masque - 100pts


3x Flamers w/BoT - 135

3x Flamers w/BoT - 135


10x Bloodletters w/Icon - 185

7x Bloodletters - 112

10x Daemonettes w/Icon - 165

6x Plaguebearers - 80

5x Plaguebearers - 75

Fast Attack

3x Screamers w/Unholy Might- 53

So far my future plans are 3 Plaguebears with Icons and another without for 3x5 squads with icons. And a super nasty Slannesh Daemon Prince.

What is the Chaos Daemon community's thoughts on expansion. Also any ideas on how to model some Nurgle Icons would be sweet.