Hey guys and girls, I want to enter 09s uk GT, and i want to enter it with a funky chaos army (one that i think is ok but looks pretty).

only problem is im also getting married next year and cant afford massive ammounts of spare cash, so can only buy one set of units, one army. I can live with spending a little more on prettyness, but i cant buy too much wasteful stuff.

So onto the list;

DP – wings, warp time = 155

Chaos space marines – 8 – aspiring champion with power fist, 1 flamer = 165
Rhino =35

Chaos space marines – 8 – aspiring champion with power fist, 1 plasma gun = 175
Rhino = 35

Chaos space marines – 10 – aspiring champion with power weapon, lascannon = 200

Terminators – 4;
1 heavy flamer and power weapon
1 power weapon and combi flamer
1 power fist and combi plasma
1 power weapon and combi plasma = 150

Bike squadron – 4 – aspiring champion with power fist, 2 melta guns = 192

Land raider – possession = 240
Obliterators – 2 = 150


As far as im aware 1500 will be the limit.

Reasons for everything are as follows:
Markless because i wanted to include more things, and thereby satisfy my eye for diversity and prettyness in the army.
Dp because he is a cheap threat, and im making a great fantasy dragon conversion.
Troops are the basic chaos marines, because they are cheap and still better than loyalists, ive tried to make every unit different for a more interesting less cookie cutter list.
Terminators, although not necessarily the best thing ever are in my book very important to marine armies, for sheer coolness value.
Bike squadron to make a nessessary target for shooty armies to deal with early (as a defence for everyone else), and a general effective predatory unit.
Land raider, because i like them, because they have a high line of sight for their lascannons, because they can protect my termies, and because its a great modeling oppertunity.
obliterators, because they give necessary support, and i have a good sentinel conversion idea.

Basic idea was to make a list that can be shooty enough to comfortably sit back and let a heavy combat army come to it, with a heavy counter assault.
To go all out assault, and provide so many major threats to lesser beings, that they cant realistically take them all down.

In mission based games i think ill try and camp one or 2 objectives and then unleash everything else at the enemies army, holding the oblits back with the troops to help deal with the enemies attack.
In kill points i dont really have any specific strategies, but against assault armies, i think rhinos can go into reserve, and a few squads can deep strike, against shooty lists i guess mad dash forward and hope that enough survives to kill back some points.

So will it get completely owned?
Will my opponents laugh heartily at me, for not taking lash, plage marines and zerkers?
And does anyone know when the tickets go on sale?

Help much appreciated
Thanks in advance!