Well actualy not black legion since the csm update, but I used too play that. I always liked too use any cult I want.

HQ: Deamon prince with MoT, Warptime and Doombolt 185 pts

Troops: 19 Khore bezerkers with skull champion and powerfist 450 pts

11 chaos space marines with IoCG, Aspiring Champion and powerfist in a rhino 265 pts

8 Thousand sons and Aspiring sorcerer with Doombolt 254 pts

Fast Attack: 6 Raptors with melagun, flamer, Aspiring Champion and lightning claws 195 pts

Heavy Support: 2 Obliterators 150 pts

Total: 1499 pts

Tactics: I use the DP too destroy troops from my enemy. The raptors are there too support him. The obliterators are there too make sure they blow up any ordnance weapon tanks or weaken some elite squads. The thousand sons will walk slowly too my enemy's HQ which I will destroy with my Aspiring sorcerers force weapon (I do this only becau se I find it funny too hero's too tiny little bits). The csm will try too find a way too be usefull (mostly by caping some distant objective).

As most of you will think that using 20 khorne bezerkers is a waste, I have a reason why I do it. 1 It's realy funny too look upon my opponents face when I deploy them. 2 Too see his face when he tries too kill them before they reach his army. 3 Too see his face when he horribly fails and gets crushed by the still remaning khorne bezerkers.

And last the rhino whose purpose is too block line of sight and makes sure that some bolterfire (or other standaard weapony) won't hurt my bezerkers.