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    1500 point nurgle

    i started working on a 1500 list and this is what i came up tell me your thoughts

    x9 plaguebearers icon 160
    x9 plaguebearers icon, noxious 170
    x10 plaguebearers noxious 160
    epidemius 110
    x1 soulgrinder - phlegm, tongue (for tank support) 185
    x3 flamers 105
    x3 flamers 105
    x3 flamers 105
    DP - mark of nurgle, noxious touch, cloud of flies, daemonic gaze, iron hide 165
    DP - daemonic flight, mark of nurgle, cloud of flies, breath of chaos, iron hide 235


    i know the last DP seems a bit much but the intended plan is to drop the soulgrinder and flamers in first to do as much havoc as possible then to drop epidemius with the 10 bearers and the 2 DPs in and then lastly the 2 squads of 9 bearers.

    either that or i could drop epidemius with the 10 bearers along with the SG and the 2 DP's then the 2 groups of bearers and lastly the flamers as mop up

    the thoughts on the last dp is well to be able to take out alot of units with him with flight and iron hide along with the extra T6 he wont be easy to take out so he should be able to use his breathe effectively it all looks good on paper but if anyone has any input on this list PLEASE do tell.

    (im sure ==me== should have some insight for me, you always do bud CHEERS! )

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    If you've got Epi, don't take any other Nurgle units, they won't help you.

    I'd take 3 of the uber winged DPs, you need them to rack the tally up and the cost is just something you'll have to live with.

    I'd also try and fit in some Beasts and Nurglings, they really benefit from the Tally once it gets going.
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