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    Mechanised Nurgle - 1500pts

    1500pts of Mechanised Nurgle for you to critique. Not sure if it constitutes full Death Guard due to the inclusion of predators and that I haven’t used squads of seven but its close enough for my tastes.

    HQ – 180pts
    Daemon Prince + Mark of Nurgle + Wings + Wind of Chaos

    ELITES – 230pts
    5 Terminators + Icon of Nurgle + 4 Combi-plasmas + Chainfist + Haevy Flamer

    TROOPS – 827pts
    8 Plague Marines + 2 Flamers + Aspiring Champion + Powerfist + Rhino

    8 Plague Marines + 2 Meltaguns + Aspiring Champion + Powerfist + Rhino

    8 Plague Marines + 2 Meltaguns + Aspiring Champion + Powerfist + Rhino

    HEAVY SUPPORT - 260pts
    Chaos Predator + Lascannon sponsons

    Chaos Predator + Lascannon sponsons

    1497pts in total
    29 Marines/Terminators
    5 vehicles
    1 Monstrous Creature
    Everybody has toughness 5 J

    The Daemon Prince should be able to take on almost anything and the description given in Winds of Chaos nicely suited the fluff. The Terminators are expensive but can deepstrike in where needed and should very much be able to hold their own. The 3 squads of Plague Marines should be able to soak up plenty of damage and their rhinos give them mobility/cover. Finally the Predators are there for long range anti-tank.

    Comments and criticisms? Thanks.

    Last edited by Inquisitor Soulflayer; January 17th, 2009 at 15:40.

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    List looks great to me, my only complaint would be to somehow add a unit of lesser demons to capture objectives. I'd prefer WT for the rerolls, but if it suits your fluff go with it.

    Don't have units of 7 eh? But look at that, you have seven units!
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    Looks like a pretty solid list to me dude, just be careful with your solders, you don't have many.
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