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    Death Guard (Mechanised) 1500 points

    Hello all, me again.

    My Death Guard are in need of some transportation and a few new toys...
    How's this list sound? (1500 points)

    Lord: Bike, Mark of Nurgle, Daemon Weapon, Melta bombs = 185

    Bikes: (x5) Melta x2, Icon of Chaos Glory, Champ (no upgrades) = 210

    Plague Marines: (x7) Melta x2, Champ with Powerfist, Personal Icon = 226

    Plague Marines: (x7) Melta x2, Champ with Powerfist, Personal Icon = 226

    Berzerkers: (x Champ with Powersword, Melta bombs = 203

    Rhino transports: (x3) = 105

    Defiler: close combat weapons x2 = 150

    Greater Daemon = 100

    Lesser Daemons:
    (x7) = 91

    The bikes are already T5 so have just given them the Icon of Chaos Glory instead of Icon of Nurgle to save points. And their champion is the host for the daemon.

    The Berzerkers will be my old Nurgle Possessed models, as the possessed squad has never really proved worth their large points-sink. This should still fit the Death Guard theme.

    Do people rate bikes? They look fast and tough which is just what i want, but I've got a weird feeling about them that i just can't shake.

    Also some people love Defilers and others hate them. i already run a vindicator with great success. Would a Vindicator instead of the Defiler be a better choice?

    Lastly; if i did remove the bikes (and the Lord's bike) I would have 240 points spare, and could put in a second Defiler (or Vindicator) and 7 more Lesser Daemons, while still retaining the speed of the army. What do people think of that idea?

    Many thanks

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    Okay, only a quick comment on this lsit as I am in college currently.

    The lord and bikers seem like a really cool idea, however I am really worried as to how they will perform in a game. I would definately add another member, so as to make them 7 when combined with the lord, this is just for fluff reasons though.

    Personally, I would drop the bikers for a second defiler and a squad of lesser daemons, or alternatively drop the current defiler for two obliterators. More long ranged anti tank is always useful, and the defilers battle cannon just is not reliable enough to use it to pop tanks.

    Again, with the berzerkers, maybe make them 7 man strong to fit nurgles fluff? Otherwise good. I like the Plague Marines too.

    Defiler either needs a friend, or should be dropped, as I said above.

    Greater daemon... I love these, but I am worried that maybe he is pushing you too far into your HQ choice points. At this level, if you want to take him, I would make the lord cheaper (Maybe drop the MoN). This is just to give you more points with to play around elsewhere.

    Lesser daemons are nice, I wouldn't mind seeing asecond squad of them in here.
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