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    1750 Chaos Daemons Friendly Pantheon

    1 X Bloodthirster, with Blessing of Blood God

    3 X Flamers
    3 X Flamers
    3 X Fiends, 1 with Unholy Might

    10 X Bloodletters, 1 with Instrument of Chaos, 1 with Chaos Icon
    10 X Bloodletters, 1 with Instrument of Chaos
    10 X Daemonettes, 1 with Instrument of Chaos
    10 X Plaguebearers, 1 with Noxious Touch, 1 with Instrument of Chaos, 1 with Chaos Icon
    10 X Pink Horrors, 1 upgraded to Changeling

    Heavy Support
    2 X Soul Grinders, both with Plegm

    How and Whom We Play:
    Friendly games, competitive but not overly so. Against a wide variety of Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks, Chaos Marines, Guard, and Space Marines (no Nids yet). All good players, but no genius generals.

    How We Collect:
    Like to pick models first, then figure out how to play with them, within reason. Still like a competitive list. Prefer troops -- partly because of rules of 5th Ed, but also that is the way regular armies are. Thirster, Grinders and Bloodletters are a must for this reason. Rest can be altered. We tend to play "balanced" lists, with some shooty, some CC, and like our nasties to be really nasty.

    Intentions With Army:
    Have representatives of each god (so I'd like more Nurgle, may go with some Nurglings in 2K games, and maybe a GUO). Be able to deal with MEQs in CC, be able to take down enough transports to deal with mobile skimmer armies, be able to deal with Orks (Speed Freaks in this case). Don't know much about Chaos Daemons on the table yet, as we are still building it.

    Feedback Requested:
    Any ideas from players who could tell us how this thing might fair on the battleflield, along with any changes they would make.

    Thanks in Advance:
    A great big thanks in advance for any who view and or comment. We have been readers of Librarium Online for quite some time, and decided to finally start posting! There are some real experts on here that we have learned a ton from -- you guys are great!! Thanks for sharing all your wisdom.

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    I'd day that's a solid start.

    I'd drop the Daemonettes altogether, Bloodletters outperform them in virtually every way and they are just too damn fragile. Replace them with 3 more Fiends. Fiends are the best Slaanesh unit in the book barring the Keeper of Secrets. Tons of high S attacks, cavalry movement, 2W, Hit and Run, and rending for a bargain price makes them awesome.

    Instruments and noxious touch = wasted points. Don't bother unless you have nothing better to spend it on.

    Bloodthirster could use Unholy Might, as that extra pip of strength never hurts against Land Raiders.

    I'd drop the Horrors in exchange for 2 Tzeentch Heralds on chariots with bolt of tzeentch, master of sorcery, and we are legion. These guys put out an impressive amount of fire (extra anti-tank is always welcome in a Daemon army), move quickly, and are quite tough.
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