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Thread: 2k of Vanilla

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    Senior Member Lord Ramon's Avatar
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    128 (x3)

    2k of Vanilla


    Chaos Lord - Wings, Daemon Weapon [150pts]


    Squad of 10 Chosen: 3x Meltaguns, Champion with Bolter & Power Fist, Champion with pair of Lightning Claws [245pts]


    Squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines: 2x Plasmaguns. Champion has Power Fist [220pts]
    Squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines: 2x Plasmaguns. Champion has Power Fist [220pts]
    Squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines: 2x Plasmaguns. Champion has Power Fist [220pts]
    Squad of 10 Chaos Space Marines: 1x Plasmagun, 1x Flamer. Champion has Power Fist [210pts]

    Squad of 8 Plague Marines: 2x Plasmaguns. Plague Champion with Power Fist [254pts]


    Squad of Chaos Havocs: 4x Bolters, 4x Heavy Bolters [180pts]

    Squad of 2 Obliterators: [150pts]
    Squad of 2 Obliterators: [150pts]


    As you may have guessed, I play against MEQs mostly.

    The Chosen are a serious distraction, as no one wants a unit like that in their front lines. Although two Power Weapons may be more efficient for the unit, than the Claws, I’d have to lose a Meltagun. I did consider two Power Fists, and may try that out some time.

    Finally, I really wish my Obliterators still had Heavy Bolters.

    As ever, bring on the comment and criticism

    Lord Ramon

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    Senior Member SilentNinja's Avatar
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    On the 4th CSM squad I would just use 2x flamers as you are already really heavy on plasma guns every where else. Then you got a unit that can root people out of cover, or from inside buildings.

    Whar unit is the Lord working with? The Plague marines?

    Where are the Rhinos?
    Giving your squads Rhinos really helps with mobility and surviability on all your units.
    They really help. Don't forget that you can outflank in a Rhino. It can be pretty devastating. You have a 66% chance to come in on the side you want.
    I'm just a big fan of Rhinos because I play against IG a lot, and without Rhinos any of my units that don't end up in cover can be tooken out with a single Basilisk shot no matter where they are with Indirect Fire. It really sucks.

    Obliterators have Plasma Cannons so don't worry about the loss of heavy bolters.

    Other than that the list looks good. Go forth and spill blood.
    "When Blood Speaks, Shadows Answer."

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