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    1500 pts of Chaos (Mostly Infantry)

    I created a list for last week but I didn't like the loss of most of my men, so I re made my list:

    Chaos Lord-140
    Terminator Armor
    Pair of Lightning Claws
    Mark of Khorne

    Terminator Squad-185
    5 men
    Power fist
    Combi Melta x4
    Heavy Flamer

    Chaos Space Marine Squad-270
    10 men
    Plasma x2
    Icon of Nurgle
    Aspiring Champion
    -Power fist

    Chaos Space Marine Squad-245
    10 men
    Flamer x2
    Icon of Chaos Glory
    Aspiring Champion

    Khorne Bezerkers-243
    8 men
    Skull Champion
    -Power Fist

    Fast Attack
    5 men
    Icon of Chaos Glory
    Aspiring Champion
    -Power Weapon

    Heavy Support
    Chaos Predator-135
    -Twin-Linked Lascannon Turret
    -Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    Havoc Squad-150
    5 men
    Missile Launcher x2
    Heavy Bolter

    Total- 1508

    I was planning on using the squad with the Nurgle Icon to babysit my objective, hopefully replacing them with Plague Marines down the road. The havocs would also sit with them and provide support when needed. Other than that I have my other CSM squad rush the objective and take it, while my Bezerkers rush the enemy. The Raptor squad is there to be used as a very mobile homing beacon for my Termies and maybe to tie up a unit in CC. The Predator would be there to take out tanks and to keep fire off of my Rhinos. The Termies would just DS near an enemy tank or a mass of infantry and do some damage, while the Termie Lord would join them and boost their CC abilities to charge or hold off my friend's Death Company and Honor guard.

    Any suggestions?

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    Seriously this list look great. I would only change some options, but the core is perfect, you have a good balance of everything.

    First I would replace the Flamers in the CSM assault squad by 2 Meltaguns and I would drop the Icon of Nurgle in the other CSM squad replacing it by a Chaos Glory Icon but that's about it. Yes the T5 is nice, but they are not Plague Marines and a Nurgle Icon is really costly.

    The Raptor squad could also use a Meltagun, just in case it meets Armoured vehicle on its path.

    Maybe the fact that your lone Predator will be the only tank on your side will play against you, he will be a prime target for every heavy weapon on your opponent side. You should replace it by 2 Obliterators, they are as good for the job and they can switch weapons every turn... they will be more versatile in your case.

    Also I would take 2 Autocannons and 2 Missile Launchers in your Havoc squad, you will probably waste the Heavy Bolter shots most of the time since they all have a different kind of prefered target. That or you could take 4 Missile Launchers, they are great against tanks and troop alike (Krak and Frag missiles).

    That's it.
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