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    My first Chaos Space Marine Outing List

    Please give opinions on my first Chaos Space marine List:

    I tried to make up a non-cheese army, that can win games yet not over cheese. It can be played for a decent game against a pro, and a beginner, and lent out to either if needed without complaints.
    (I don't mind playing vs lash / plaguemarine lists, but it'd be nice to be different)

    I also don't want to spend too much cash - What i have is sufficient. (And i'm being cheap at the moment)
    (Composed of a battalion box, a obliterator blister, and a terminator lord received for xmas, and some second hand CSM's I bought as a job lot and have been reviving = 3x Terminators, & approx 20 power armour bodies with 3 plasma gun, 1x melta, 1x HB and really strange - 1x plastic autocannon. (weird? can't see anywhere on sale or in classics), 1x metal ML blister.)
    P.S. I am aware that a lash prince with wings is the same cost as the sorceror. I don't want to run that, nor do i have the cash. I would be tempted to make a prince up at some point - how would i convert Nurgle "Fly" wings?
    P.P.S. I am also likely to buy the F/W plague marines, as they're so freakingly good looking. so much for all these haughty morals by me.

    Chaos Space Marine Sorceror
    Terminator armour, Combi-Melta, Mark of Nurgle, Nurgles Rot
    - My plan for him is to deep strike in and be a nuisance. Combi-melta a vehicle if nesseccary, Nurgles Rot a horde army (E.G. orcs) - If put near the bezerkers or chosen I can pick where for maximum effect. Oh, and v. characters force weapon deathness.
    I don't expect too much of him, or him to survive long, but it should get my opponents attention.

    3x Terminators, 1x Heavy Flamer, 1x Lightning claw, 1x Lightning Claws
    My plan with these fellows is to deep strike in and worry my opponent. I don't expect much from them, maybe acting as a support unit to the bezerkers or the chosen (Bezerkers or chosen go in. I deep strike the terminators. In opponents turn do they charge the bezerkers / chosen or the terminators? Assuming bezerker/chosen in melee, so shooting terminators, then charging them most likely, and it saves my power armoured units. If they charge bezerkers/chosen, I can charge with the terminators. They should be usefull (after the initial heavy flamer hit)
    These are equipped with lightning claws at the previous owner had converted tomb king weapons onto them (Credit where it's due - it looks darned spiffy), and i have no chaos terminator spares (Bar the lord arms - but then i've not got enough shoulder pads. The heavy flamer came off my vanilla marines.

    10x Chosen, Champion, Power Fist, Icon of Khorne, 2x Flamers, 2x Melta's
    These guys are to get stuck in ASAP. Coming in from the side (Infiltrate) will be a good idea, especially vs a combat army, and spreading out the 40 charging attacks amongst multiple units can't hurt. Armed with melta's and flamers they should be able to smash anything (2x meltas and 4 power fist attacks = a pretty dead vehicle in anyone's book, 2x flamers (& other shooting) & 40 attacks = death to the biggest ork mob i've ever seen on a table.
    I must limit my shooting on smaller squads so i don't wipe them out too quick (and thus can't charge, then consolidate.)

    5xCSM's, Plasma Gun

    5xCSM's, Plasma Gun

    5xCSM's, Plasma Gun

    5xCSM's, Plasma Gun

    These are pretty generic "Plasma spam" squads, to shoot any infantry squad within range and sit on objectives (pref. in cover) I am not adverse to charging, given the oppertunity.

    5xCSM's, Melta Gun
    Pretty much the same as the plasma spam squads above, but with a slightly more forward ideal - now the special's an assault weapon i'm going to edge forwards with this squad if no decent bolter targets are present.

    10x Khorne Bezerkers, Champion, Power fist, Icon, Rhino, Daemonic Posession.
    Yep, the sole vehicle in my list has it's life expectancy measured in seconds. My general plan is to: 1) Deploy obscured (If not hidden) 2) Move full forwards & pop smoke. 3) get out and charge. (Don't forget - if you don't move a vehicle, you can charge out of it - even if it's not assault.)
    The bezerkers are my second hard hitting unit, they and the chosen will be my most offensive units. I don't expect them to remain very intact at all, and in fact see them running towards the opponents lines alot, but it's nice and fluffy to have them.

    Heavy Support
    1x Obliterator
    I shoot things. Maybe i'll deep strike and multi melta stuff, or deploy and lascannon things. Playtesting will reveal the most effective role, but this list is lacking some anti armour punch - This is the only real way I have of killing a monolith (Other than glancing it to death with melta weaponry and power fist's)
    Without going onto the table i've also drawn blood and killed two things - my owners finger and two drill bits. I am a pig to make.)

    5x Havocs, 2x Heavy Bolters, 1x Missile Launcher
    Yep, we shoot alot of things. Mostly infantry, but with light armour killing options too. My opponent is going to see six five man squads on the table, most with one special weapon and this one with three heavy weapon's. This quad is likely to be blown to smithereens, very rapidly. My owner does not care as i don't even score.

    Does anyone have any ideas / comments for the list?

    I reckon i'll be short on the anti-tank, and i'm not sure i'm using the squads right. Will the low numbers and not-fantastic LD make a difference? They don't have ATSKNF as they're chaos, or am i mistaken? (looked, couldn't see and was slightly dissappointed)

    My plan was to call them Knights Pestilens, spray undercoat them white, and buy about 5-6 dark green washes and spend a day "dipping" them, then picking out the boltgun look and inking it black. Should have them on a table with one weekend, and i'd go back for doing detail as and when I can.
    (Maybe picking out all trim in black. I've based them all really well so that should help.)
    I absolutely MUST paint all of these, as I have a very nice guard and dark angel army painted, (Still with bits to do) and decided to break into WFB O&G last year to refresh the staleness of my game, and they haven't had a lick of paint (The green "dipping will be good practice for the 90 odd orcs and 150 odd gobbos i have to do.)
    I can't stand to have another unpainted army cluttering the place up.

    Last edited by stayscrunchyinmilk; February 4th, 2009 at 11:12. Reason: paint comment

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