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Thread: 1750 gt list

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    1750 gt list

    OK so i normally playtest against Neil who is gw's player of the year and has won multiple gt's.
    I have been testing this list and am thinking of taking it to this years gt's and was wondering what you all thought of it,


    bloodthirster, unholy might

    x7 blood crushers, icon

    x7 blood crushers

    x9 bloodletters

    x8 blood letters

    x5 horrors, changerling, bolt

    x5 horrors, bolt

    x5 horrors, bolt

    9 kp
    5 troops.

    firstwave usually horrors with changerling, both bloodcrushers, fateweaver, and bloodthirster.

    thoughts, so far i have not lost with this list but it is bound to eventually happen.

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    I am not a fan of minimal Horrors, even with Fateweaver they won't last long. Bloodletters seems a bit light too.

    I'd try and throw in icons, instruments, and fury into the Crusher units, that way they'll stick around longer thanks to wound allocation.

    Mech armies will have a field day with this list. You only have 1 bolt on a good platform and 2 flying MCs, 1 of which is S5.

    I know Fateweaver+Bloodcrushers is the new pink, but this army could be a lot better. Fateweaver w/ Fiends has worked exceptionally well for ==Me==, backed by Tzeentch chariot Heralds, Soul Grinders and Horrors/Bloodletters. Fiends hit plenty hard, have insane mobility, and end up significantly cheaper than crushers. 1 unit of the crushers to protect Fateweaver is always welcome though, just surround him with them and keep him from getting engaged in combat.
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