1500 Point Slaanesh/Tzeentch Campaign - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Point Slaanesh/Tzeentch Campaign

    Hello all. This is my list, it has been altered only slightly over time. I have entered a campaign that will run over a long period of time, my list is currently undefeated and has been used in 5 games, still young yes, but has proven itself time and time again. Its defeated orks twice, necrons, and chaos marines thus far.




    3 Flamers


    3 X 11 Daemonettes


    2 X Daemon princes, MoT, Gaze, Bolt, Boon, Hide.

    Soulgrinder with Phlegm

    1500 Points on the dot.

    Thoughts, criticisms, and ways to make the list more effective, encouraged!

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    Demonettes need to be in larger units. They are pretty squishy so plenty will die off from shooting which will be taken since you deep strike. But where do you get more?

    Well lets look at the soul Grinder. Its a great model but its our only tank and you're running only 1, and since every army has some anti tank, all of it is going to focused on your 1 SG

    So when running a Soul Grinder you need 2 or 3 or its not going to be worth it. so iff you want to keep you're Tzeentch DPs (which would be good and fluffy) drop the soul grinder and pump you're demonette units

    everything else is fine for the concept you're going for

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    Fateweaver helps Daemonettes a lot.

    I'd get rid of Boon on your DPs, it's too expensive for what is essentially a gag. Pick up Daemonic Gaze instead, it's got a few medium S shots that can help rack up some kills on infantry or help against lighter vehicles.

    The single Grinder doesn't seem to fit in. I'd actually drop it.

    If you drop Boon down to Gaze and the Grinder you can fit in 6 Fiends. Fiends are ==My== favorite unit in the whole book, because they hit extremely hard (S5 and 6 rending attacks!), move very quickly (cavalry plus Musk, a potential 36" threat range!), and are extremely cheap.

    I'd also look into dropping a unit of Daemonettes for Horrors or PBs, something a little tougher to hang on to that important objective.
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