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    Commander Stylus' Vanguard (1500 Army List)

    Third Company Detachment – Commander Stylus’ Vanguard (1500 Points)

    HQ – Commander Stylus

    Chaos Lord (Commander Stylus)
    Terminator Armour
    Personal Icon
    Mark of Tzeentch
    Total – 145


    Chaos Terminators
    6 Terminators
    Mark of Khorne
    1 Reaper Autocannon
    1 Chainfist
    3 Powerfists
    1 Pair of Lightning Claws
    Total – 290

    Chaos Dreadnought (Dante The Fallen)
    Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon
    Twin Linked Lascannon
    Upgrade Twin-link Bolter to Heavy Flamer
    Total - 130


    Chaos Marines Unit 1 – Armour Bane, Typhoon Commanding
    1 Aspiring Champion (Typhoon)
    Power Weapon
    9 Chaos Marines
    1 Mark of Chaos Glory
    1 Meltagun
    1 Lascannon
    Total - 220

    Chaos Marines Unit 2 – Nightmare, Reaver Commanding
    1 Aspiring Champion (Reaver)
    9 Chaos Marines
    1 Mark of Chaos Glory
    1 Meltagun
    1 Autocannon
    Total – 220

    Heavy Support

    1 Obliterator (Adept Rylon)
    Total – 75

    Havoc Squad Firestorm
    5 Chaos Marines
    1 Missile Launcher
    3 Heavy Bolters
    1 Icon of Nurgle
    Total – 190

    1 Chaos Land Raider (Bastion of Sin)
    Havoc Launcher
    Dozer Blades
    Extra Armour
    Total – 255

    Grand Total – 1495 Points

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    I'd highly recommend dropping some extra equipment (and a unit or so) to make room for another sqaud of Troops - only two at 1500 could really come back and bite you in the pants. If I were playing against you in an objective oriented mission (2 of 3 possible scenarios are) I would simply target your troops first and ignore everything else, which would mean I'd get an instant draw and probably a landslide victory just because I can still claim objectives.

    Some things you probably don't need -

    Personal Icon on the Lord (you sure you know what this does?)
    Reaper Autocannon (Termies)
    Could prolly drop some Powerfists, in many cases the power weapons can be just as good or better
    You could prolly do without either the Obliterator or the Dreadnought
    Drop the Nurgle icon of the Havocs, an extra guy or two will do more for you, and looking at the list I'd gear them for taking down armor
    Also, switch out the Lascannons on the troop squads for another special weapon, Plasma or Melta perhaps. They should be moving towards objectives anyway. And, if you can, you really ought to get them Rhinos.

    I don't recommend Land Raiders, but if you're going to take it drop the extra armor (get Daemonic Possession instead)

    I'm sorry, I didn't explain much, bit of a hurry, if you have questions as to why I suggested something, feel free to ask, be happy to explain. I hope some of this helps.
    "If you can wait til I get home, then I swear we can make this last."

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    291 (x6)

    Hotspike knows what he's talking about.

    First off I'm not a big fan of Lords in Termi armor, sure the kit is great and they can deep strike but once on the board they are slow.

    Chaos terminators generally work well small and cheap. The heavy flamer is hands down the better heavy weapon available for them and the combi plasma is a steal. Adding an icon and all of those close combat weapons is really just going to turn out to be wasted points.

    IMO unless your list is built with the idea of dreads in mind there is really only one acceptable setup given the possibility of fire frenzy. That is ML + DCCW + heavy flamer, if you do fire frenzy you just end up hitting a rhino with a couple frag missiles.

    Which brings me to my next point... RHINOS! they are amazing, use them, love them. Also on regular marines squads always opt for two of the same special weapons, giving them a heavy wastes their potential.

    Totally agree with Hotspike on the havocs and landraider (though I do seem to like my LR a little bit more than he does)

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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