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    2500 Demon Army What do u think

    HQ- Kugath
    Skulltaker w/jugg
    The Masque,
    3 Flamers
    5 BloodCrushers
    10 Bloodletters w/icon,,
    10 Bloodletters w/icon and Instrument
    10 Daemonettes w/icon and Instrument
    10 Pink Horrors w/icon and changeling
    5 Nurglings
    7 Flesh Hounds w/fury of khorn, and Karanak
    Soul Grinder w/Phlegm
    DP w/ Mon, flight, iron hide, might, noxious touch, aura, Breath
    DP w/ Mot, Iron hide, might, Master, Breath and gaze

    got any ideas???

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    HQ: Greater daemon is ok but expensive for the points. Masque is fine for a one shot pavine flurry. Dont expect her to last too long though. Skulltaker is too expensive as you can get 4 more crushers for the same cost and those are much better in combat.

    Elites: Flamers rock and it would be nice to get another unit of 3. Crushers should be increased to 8 using points from the skulltaker. Give them an icon (from the daemonettes) as they are very survivable with T5 and good armour saves.

    Troops: All good but the instruments could go if you are short of points.

    Fast: fine.

    Heavy: Only one vehicle won't last long against the anti tank power of an enemy 2500 point army. Drop it for another prince. Nurgle prince can drop might and aura but get cloud of flies. The MoT prince can do without hide when he has a 4+ invulnerable save. Also you don't need master as monsterous creatures can use 2 shooting attacks anyway.
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    Ku'Gath is too expensive, a normal GUO works just as fine for almost half the cost. In this sort of list, consider Fateweaver for his re-roll-a-palooza.

    Skully is nice, a bit expensive, but nice.

    Masque is fine.

    Flamers are good.

    Swap out 1 crusher for an icon, fury of khorne and an instrument. Now you play the wound allocation game and with Fateweaver these guys will stick around.

    Drop the icons and instruments from your Troops units. They're expensive and not all that useful. You need more bodies here. Daemonettes suck, drop them and fill your remaining slots with Plaguebearers.

    Too few Hounds, get 10 or so at least.

    Nurgle Prince is too expensive, Tzeentch Prince doesn't have bolt. Single Grinder will get blown away. Replace them with 3 Tzeentch Princes (bolt, gaze). Cheap anti-tank which your army lacks critically.

    Leftover points need to go for more anti-tank. Horrors w/ bolt, Flamers w/ bolt, Screamers, Fiends, anything.
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    In 2500 2 blood thirsters have WAY more survivability, Dp's of slaanesh, with pavane, and breath will make it so you won't miss the masque, Blood crushers and fiends are great for their points. Pb's are good tie units up, and if you give them icons they can drop in first turn 2 use the icon to spawn your blood letters, fiends w/e around the table, take a pounding from shooting which will only kill like 3, tie a unit up and let you bring in Bloodletters to finish the job. I also like a suicide unit of nettes, Now I roll godly with mine hence why they never die, but 20 nettes with 3 attacks base can accept charges and should strike first, as well as charge to get 4 attacks =). My suicide nettes got me 3 kill points in a 2500 tournament last week, one of them was abaddon himself, lol. Hopefully this helped.

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