1000 point for upcoming tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000 point for upcoming tournament

    Hello, im having another one of those local tournaments at my gaming store, and im needing help with my army, i want to know how others run they're armies, what they use as there regular builds.

    My list as follows:

    Daemon Prince - 175

    4x Chaos terminators - 155 [Deepstriking]
    -heavy flamer & chainfist
    -3x Combi plasmas

    7x Plague marines - 266
    -2x plasmas
    -Champ w/powerfist
    -personal icon

    10x CSM - 245
    -2x Flamers
    -Champ w/powerfist

    2x Obliterators - 150

    Was wondering what changed i can do to improve this.
    i know i will be facing, Nurgle Daemons, Eldar, Marines, Crons, and probarly many more.
    Just wondering how my list will go against them, and if i have a chance.

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    Okay, the list looks fairly solid. though there are a few changes I would personally make.

    The Daemon Prince is good, I like him. I tend to find, however, with the Low AP High S weaporny people send at him, the MoT will make him more survivable.

    The Terminators are fine, but consider swapping the Chainfist for a powerfist, saving you 5 points. The powerfist is, in most cases, just as good. With that many attacks on a vehicles rear armour, you don't need the extra D6 AP.

    The Plague Marines, I like. However you already have quite alot of plasma in the previous squad, so I would consider dropping them down to meltas instead.

    Same with Chaos Marine squad, use the points saved above to take two meltas instead of flamers. Alternatively, take a second plague marine squad. This means the enemy does not have a clear target between the two.

    The obliterators, i'm torn on. I LOVE obliterators, but with the lack of vehicles in this (Two rhinos, and I suppose the DP attracts the AT fire too), i'd consider dropping them for an Autocannon/Lascannon sponson Predator. Thats just personal preferance though.
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