Daemon Prince
Doombolt 185

Kharne the Betrayer 165

Greater Daemon 100


Plague Marines x 6
2 x Melta
Plague Champion
Power Fist
Combi-Melta 231

Rhino 35

Thousands Sons x 8
Aspiring Sorcerer
Bolt of Change 269

Rhino 35

Noise Marines x 4
Sonic Blasters x 3
Noise Champion
Doom Siren 145

Noise Marines x 6
Sonic Blasters x 5
Blast Master 185

Heavy Support

2 x Obliterator 150

Total: 1500

This army is kitted out for mid range firefights with heavy close combat support comming from the daemon prince, kharne and the greater daemon that can come out of any champ or sorcerer.

The larger group of noise marines stay with the obliterators to provide fire support and bodyguard objectives if necessary.

Any thoughts?