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    New and Improved 1500 Black Legion Please advise

    Daemon Prince
    Doombolt 185

    Kharne the Betrayer 165


    Plague Marines x 6
    2 x Melta
    Plague Champion
    Power Fist
    Combi-Melta 231

    Rhino 35

    Thousands Sons x 8
    Aspiring Sorcerer
    Bolt of Change 269

    Rhino 35

    Noise Marines x 6
    Sonic Blasters x 5
    Noise Champion
    Doom Siren 195

    Noise Marines x 8
    Sonic Blasters x 7
    Blast Master 235

    Heavy Support

    2 x Obliterator 150

    Total: 1500

    This army is kitted out for mid range firefights with heavy close combat support comming from the daemon prince, kharne.

    The larger group of noise marines stay with the obliterators to provide fire support and bodyguard objectives if necessary.

    Any thoughts?

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    You should've just edited your other thread instead of making a new one

    Anyways, about the list, I like the balance Without Kharn and the DP I woudl say you're too vulnerable to dedicated close combat, but nobody's going to charge gung-ho at Chaos marines backed by these CC monsters. YOu've got lots of nice shooting, and sturdy units for holding objectives.

    My only concern is a limited ability to deal with big nasites in close combat. Sure you've got the prince, but chances are he's gonna get shot pretty fast and at least take some wounds before making it into CC with something large, reducing his chances of survival. Against TMCs for instance, you've only got 1 powerfist in your troops, and 1 forceweapon. I'd worry about Carnifex's hitting your lines and seriously messing things up.

    I might try to find the points to get a champion with POwer Weapon in one of your Niose marine squads at least.

    Otherwise, looks like a unique, effective list. Good job, rep
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    HQ: Prince is expensive but a good design. You other HQ is also good but I don't think you need both of them. drop Kharne.

    Troops: Plague marines look good. Normally I wuld say plasma guns for them so FNP can help with overheats but you are a little light on anti tank. 1k Sons are great. The second noise marine unit is excellent but the first is unlikely to ever use the doomsiren. They are just too juicy a target to allow to footslog into template range. Drop these guys for 8 berserkers with a PW champion and rhino. Then your army contains one unit of each god and you could even tweak the squad numbers to make them all favoured squad numbers.

    Heavy: 2 Oblits are fine. Put a personal icon in a rhino mounted squad and you can deepstrike to them and use close range weapons like MM, TL Melta or TL Flamers. Split them into 2 units for flexibility or keep them together for kill points. If you dropped Kharne then get 1-2 more oblits or a vindicator or defiler.
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