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    1500 Point CC rush list

    Demons Prince w MOS and Lash - 155

    5 Terms
    4 w lightening Claws
    1 w power fist and heavy flamer and icon of Khorne - 235

    10 Khorne Zerkers
    w aspiring Champion w power sword
    in rhino - 275

    10 Plague Marines
    w aspiring Champion w power sword
    2 melta guns
    in rhino - 315

    landraider (for the terms) - 220
    2 CC defilers - 300

    Terms deliver a hell off a 1st (or maybe 2nd) turn strike
    Lash means that CC is joined easily and helps my pie throwing
    Bit light on troops, but the marines should be hard to kill and I deliver a hell of a charge. And I dont want to loose any of my Vehicle stuff, as it means he will likely be unable to deal with all my heavy armour.....

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    I would replace the squad of plague marines with a second squad of berzerkers just like the one you have there but give both skull champions power fists, in case they run into monstrous critters or walkers, if they get locked in with something big and mean they're screwed.

    Also, and this goes against a lot of my fellow chaos players, I'd take dreadnoughts with CCW's and flamers instead of defilers. Yes they're slower and have 1 less attack, and occasionally go nuts and attack your own troops, but as long as your other stuff is out of range of the flamer a twin linked bolter isn't so bad to take. You get a heavy flamer shot and a ton of spare points too.

    Next I'd swap your demon prince for one with wings and MoK, as you don't want your defilers shooting, they need to be chargin and shreddin and killin. That makes lash a bit unnecessary. 15 points freed up from him.

    With the remaining points freed up now you can add something else to charge in and hack up your foes, such as: 5 raptors with 2 melta guns, or 9 lesser demons and a personal icon for one of the other squads. Or a greater demon.

    Just my humble opinion though, this could all be for naught if you've already bought the above units XD

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