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    1000pt 2 on 2 (first Daemon list ever)

    As a quick note, this is for 4th edition, after this game I'll be updating to 5th edition.
    But here is my first attempt at a Daemon list.
    Group 1
    Daemon Prince 120
    -mark of nurgle
    -Noxious Touch
    Skulltaker 160
    10 Bloodletters 160
    Group 2
    Great Unclean One 160
    The Masque 100
    10 Daemonettes 140
    5 Screamers 80

    I'm actually playing with an Ork army against a marine and Tyranid army (my apologies to anyone who questions the story behind said match, because there is none)
    My thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    HQ: GUO should always get cloud of flies. The skulltaker is too expensive. Compare him to 4 bloodcrushers and you soon see which is better in both ofense and resiliance. The Masque is OK but vulnerable with only T3 and 2 wounds. Overall in a 1000 point list just take one HQ such as GUO & flies or a keeper of secrets with pavine to do the masque's job and the skulltaker's all in one.

    Troops: Not really enough. Try adding some horrors with the points saved from the HQ. Their improved save and increased range keep them alive for objective grabbing. Your current troops are good for killing but not for holding objectives.

    Fast: in a 1000 point list 3-5 screamers should be fine.

    Heavy: Prince needs flies and gaze to make use of BS5. If you spend this many points on the fellow then iron Hide as well is reccomended to protect the investment.
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