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    1800 Point Advice

    Ok heres my 1800 point army and I need some advice from you veteran players. I have a 3700 Apocalypse force but am trying to get to 1800 for the local store games, so i have other units to chose from. Rip it apart fellas.

    HQ Sorcerer - termi, MoZ, doombolt, bolt of change

    Troops CSM x 10 - champ, melta bombs, flamer, CG, Plasma gun, Power fist, plasma pistol
    Noise M x 5 - champ, doom siren, sonic blaster, blastmaster
    Berzerkers x 6 - champ, melta bombs, plasma pistol x2, rhino w/DP
    Berzerkers x 6 -champ, melta bombs, plasma pistol x2

    Elites Temis x 4 - lightning Claws, conbi melta, PF, heavy flamer
    Chosen x 8 - CG, champ, melta bombs x2, melta gun

    fast attack Bikes x3 - champ w/PF, melta bombs, Melta gun x2

    Heavys Defiler - dual CCW, Reaper Autocannon, BC
    Pred - DP Heavy bolter sponsons, twin linked lascannon

    Total 1805

    There is no Emperor, false or otherwise.

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    you have way too much "bling" in those squads.

    your HQ is ok but expensive, you could take a DP with MoT and your two powers for added survivability (a DP cannot be instant killed unlike a sorc or lord)

    CSM squad - this is all over the place. flamers, plasma, Mbombs, Pfist

    if you want to make this squad your objective holder i suggest keeping 10man (AC included) give him a psword or pfist and give the squad 2x plasma guns and a rhino.

    this lets them shoot effectively at range; however, plasma is best put on Plague Marines as they can use FNP if they overheat.

    your zerkers do not need plasma pistols or Mbombs. if you gave the champ a psword you would be fine, a pfist works but makes the champ hit last. the plasma pistols have the possibility of killing your zerkers before they get into CC, not what you want.

    the DP on the rhino is not needed. keeping rhinos simple and cheep keeps them from being over-costed fire magnets and lets you spend points on better things.

    i dont use terminators or noise marines so i cannot comment on them

    the chosen can loose the melta bombs. if you want infiltrating AT give the champ a fist and give the squad max meltas.

    bikes are too expensive to justify usefulness in anything but Apoc. Swap them for Raptors with AC with claws and 2x flamers or meltas; or you can beef up the numbers in your other squads.

    the defiler is good stock or with 2 extra CCW, the latter being a bit more effective as you do not have to worry about wasted weapons if you move.

    preds have to be too static to use all of their firepower, i would use oblits or another defiler instead, or a vindicator with DP.
    May the "Nurgley Goodness" protect you!

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